this fourth of july was kind of great. the night before i drove down to carlsbad and spent the night at my dad’s house. the next morning we woke up early and i dropped him off at oceanside harbor for his annual kayak trip up the coast. he’s so cool.
 since i was up i went for a nice run along the beach and on the pier. best run ever.
 then i went back to the house, took a nap, took my time getting ready and then drove down the to the beach.
 after some relaxing time on la playa, i drove up to dana point to pick up daddy-o. it was so fun to see everyone having fun on their boats, everyone just happy to be outside enjoying each other.
seven hours later and he’s still alive! insanity.
 then we had lunch at harpoon henry’s and i got some ice cream. and it was delish.
 after i took dad back home and napped for a bit, i went up to san clemente to hang out with my cousin and his wife for the fireworks. this was our view, don’t even worry about that gorgeous sunset.
 we could see four different fireworks shows! #perfection
basically my fourth was bomb. god bless america. and holidays.

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