birthday day.

on my twenty-first birthday.
i became an adult.
yep, i started my internship on my birthday. #superawesome
 got my own office. heyo.
my first thought when i saw the room number? ‘aw, sarah’s birthday…’ #besties
 after a long day of work i came home, went for a run [gotta start the year off right, ya know?], then my dad, gina and kylie came over to pick me up for dinner. and my dad gave me a flower! i’ve never got flowers before!
we went to super mex for some authentic and delicious mexican food #duh
 and kit came too! [kit, me, kylie and gina]
 oh this is where i live.
 of course yogurtland was across the street and of course it called to me.
 i just don’t think it would have been my birthday without some froyo.
and, can you believe it, the birthday celebrations did not end there…

3 thoughts on “birthday day.

  1. Ahlin, you're great and you lead a lovely life! I hope this is a great year for you– you've definitely got some fun adventures waiting for you :)

  2. several things:1 – i love that you associate 118 with my birthday. that's true friendship/dedication.2 – because we didn't get an froyo while i was there last time (#fail), we need to make it a top priority on my next visit. 3 – welcome to adulthood!

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