ain’t no party like a griffith party.

i made it all in one piece to california and the next dat was father’s day. we went to my aunt missy and uncle ric’s house for a family bbq. it was so great, i hadn’t seen my cali family in forever. 
and when it comes to griffith parties, there is no disappointment.
my cute grandpa with his father’s day present.
my pretty present from missy and ric.
they made me a cake! coffee cake, yum yum, a family fave.
just chillin in perfect weather looking at orange trees, that’s all.
like father like son. my dad can sleep anywhere in any position.
dad, me, gina, and blake. love.
love my aunt missy.
i am a fan of my birthday, my family, and fathers. so pretty much this day was a win.

2 thoughts on “ain’t no party like a griffith party.

  1. Coffee cake. YUMMMMMMM. I love the photo of dad and Blake, so cute, and I love this post. Glad to see you are thoroughly enjoying yourself AND the orange trees. xoxo

  2. coffee cake is SO good. this needs to be my next baking adventure. oh just some orange trees … whaaaat? bucketlist: plant an orange tree."i am a fan of fathers" hahahaha. love it.

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