family fun.

i went to my cousin greg’s wedding reception last week. it was so fun to see him and the rest of the fam, i haven’t seen any of them probably since i was ten years old. aka i was getting a lot of comments on how short i used to be #surpriseigrewinthepasttenyears
all the girls together since christmas. it’s good to have gina back.
 and one with the nan. love her. she tells me i’m pretty.
ben took me and my dad for a ride in their new scooter. it was awesome. and the kiddos love it, so hilarious.
sidecars always remind me of the ‘aristocats’ movie for some reason.
these baby birdies hatched in their back yard. they are so cute! i just wanted to pick them up and cuddle them. which is unusual because i am not a bird person. i’m convinced baby anything is to die for.

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