i guess i kind of disappeared for a bit there huh?
well here’s a little update to be followed by more and longer updates:
i’m in california.
i started my internship.
i’m twenty one.
sarah and hannah came to visit me.
they took me to the kooks.
it was awesome.
now they are gone.
it’s been a LOT of adjusting and getting used to but this is an awesome opportunity and a great experience i am very grateful to have!
coming soon [as soon as i buy a power cord]:
some last shots of utah
father’s day fun
birthday celebrations
the maines’ visit
woot woot.
a little teaser: found this gem at an old friend’s house.
also, did i already find and have the nearest yogurtland? maybe. yes. those chunky cheeks don’t appear by themselves.


so i finished my spring term on wednesday. packed up. moved out.
gina was in p town to help me and i honestly don’t know what i would have done without her. probably broken down and sat in a corner eating peanut m&m’s while watching netflix.
we drove down to st george at like midnight because we were so eager to get out. being in st g has been the relaxing rejuvenating time i needed before i start my new adventure.
today i leave for california. yay for six and a half hour car rides by yourself. 
let me tell you a few fun facts about the next two months:
– today is exactly three years from when i moved to provo as a freshman.
– this will be my first time away from provo for more than two weeks in three years.
– it will be the first time i’m in cali for more than two weeks since i moved from there in 2004.
– i start my internship on my twenty first birthday. welcome to adulthood ahlin.
– my driver’s license expires on my bday. so i probably have to get a california one.
– my bestie sarahmaines and her sister are coming down on wednesday and we’re going to a kooks concert. so excited!
– i get to spend a ton of time with my dad’s side of the family which never happens. time to griffith it up.
these songs sound like change to me. i listened to ‘the adventure’ at senior sunrise in high school. obviously that was a huge transition in life. anyway, have a listen to the change soundtrack. and wish me luck.

my life in instagram.

packing + cleaning + finals + moving = something i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy
milo. i threw this pic away so obviously i had to document it first.
my work desk for my birthday on my last day. presh.
and they made me this card for me. they know me too well.
my roommate got me this bombshell scent for my birthday. it smells soooo goood….
peanut butter cup dessert pizza with nutella and marshmallows? um, yes please.

family fun.

i went to my cousin greg’s wedding reception last week. it was so fun to see him and the rest of the fam, i haven’t seen any of them probably since i was ten years old. aka i was getting a lot of comments on how short i used to be #surpriseigrewinthepasttenyears
all the girls together since christmas. it’s good to have gina back.
 and one with the nan. love her. she tells me i’m pretty.
ben took me and my dad for a ride in their new scooter. it was awesome. and the kiddos love it, so hilarious.
sidecars always remind me of the ‘aristocats’ movie for some reason.
these baby birdies hatched in their back yard. they are so cute! i just wanted to pick them up and cuddle them. which is unusual because i am not a bird person. i’m convinced baby anything is to die for.

cake and rsl ftw

a little over a week ago it was our friend danny’s birthday. and he said he doesn’t like his birthday. so obviously sarah and i had to make a big deal out of it. and by big deal i mean cake. and saying happy birthday twelve times throughout the day.
sarah made this awesome funfetti cake. with his twitter handle on it #webecreative
 yay for cakes.
 then danny took us to the real salt lake soccer game. we got to chill in his family’s box office suite. it was tight!
 after the game we ate danny’s cake. he was super excited about it.
funfetti for the win.

nervous. but excited.

as i was sitting in church yesterday, i realized how much is changing this week.

today is the last day of spring classes. finally.
tomorrow is a reading day so my goal is to study like crazy and try to pack.
wednesday i move out of the ward that i have been in for two years.
thursday i’ll be back in st george kickin’ it with the fam.
saturday i drive down to long beach and move in with my aunt and uncle.
sunday i will go to a non byu singles ward for the first time ever.
monday i start my internship at a real job. and i turn twenty one.

so much is happening…. in such little time. it seems impossible. but also awesome.

i am nervous, but excited.


in the next week i have to:
  • take my fourth math test
  • finish all my math homework
  • study for and take my [comprehensive] math final
  • turn in an eight page issues paper
  • complete my group english project
  • write my english final
  • find somewhere to live in fall
  • sort out details of my internship
  • have a super awesome birthday party
  • pack all my belongings
  • thoroughly clean my apartment
  • get the heck outta p town
hence the lack of posts. hence my lack of personality and desire to do anything.
sometimes it’s hard to remember why i go to school. i should probably write a list of reasons so i don’t do something stupid.

almost here…

don’t you hate it when you’re video chatting with someone and then it just freezes out of nowhere?
i do. except when it freezes on a face like this…
bahahaha she totally hates me for posting this. oh well. that’s what she gets for making faces at me.
can’t wait to see you in less than a week snister!

remember that one time…

when rachel and i went to marley’s and her food was delivered in a truck. that was pretty cool.
close up of said truck. #awesome
then we went to malawi’s and got a cookies and cream pizza and snuck it into the theater. 
#somethingborrowedroundtwo #bestideaever
yeah. we’re pretty cool.