break. part two.

saturday: slept in, ate a yummy homemade breakfast, went over to matt and jade’s and then we all went on a hike in snow canyon. it was so awesome! i can’t believe i lived there for four years and never took advantage of my surroundings. it was so amazing. and so fun to be with my family. after that we went shopping at target, swimming and got some inn n out. yummm.
track loves sticks. matt loves not getting sunburned #intensehikerman
super cool cave.
david is obviously too sexy for his shirt #lookoutsparklingvampire

 ah geez…

 golden spoon. i teach them young.

 this kid is too much.

sunday: easter sunday was so great. i went to both primary and young women, so that was a nice blast from the past. we had a huge yummy brunch after church and then had the kid’s easter egg hunt. oh man, so priceless. all track wanted to do was throw eggs in the pool and get in the pool. which he did. little crazy man. and laken was scouring the backyard like it was gold hidden instead of plastic eggs. it was super fun though. then we had the ‘adult’ easter egg hunt. let’s just say i totally won that. and i did. it was pretty awesome. everyone hated me for the rest of the night. just kidding. not really.

the whole fam.
so in love with the pool…

 this girl was on a mission.

 crazy two year old can fold his eyelids #whataboy

then i made everyone my super famous sandwiches for dinner. it was just so great to all be together as a family. i love them and love when we get to play together!

One thought on “break. part two.

  1. what a fun post! what an amazing week having you around! I am not sure what was my fave …las vegas.. brandon flowers..hiking..golden spoon..amzaing easter brunch..your willingness to help last min. in primary..the best sandwiches ever..EVER!! For sure the adult easter egg hunt…score!! Having Adam come visit us again, ok to see you but we all claim him as the best friend ever! Guess i am caring on soo..just hurry back to show us more adventures! Loves

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