for my soul.

i’ve decided to live. enjoy moments and grab opportunities. you know, live life to the fullest and such.
i think this was my first attempt with my new manifesto.
i’ve known that brandon flowers was going to perform in las vegas for a couple months now but i figured since it was on the day finals start it would be silly and probably stupid to go. but at the beginning of the week my desire to go just got stronger and stronger. especially since the last few days of classes were crazy stressful.
thursday i looked up tickets. they were in my price range! then i found out this was his last show until june, because the killers are going back to the studio to record their new album [finally!] and his tour in summer looks like it’s going to be all european music festivals.
how could i not go?!
so after some thinking and support [anna, lauren, mom] and some eye rolls [roommates] i decided it was a brilliant idea. i would even get back in time to take my finals. and it got even better when my mom said she would go with me! now someone else can behold the amazingness that is bf in the flesh.
friday after some studying and cleaning, i drove down to st george and hung out with my family and adam ruri. love that guy, so good to see him, enjoy some fun conversation and yummy golden spoon.
saturday i slept in, got ready and then my mom and i headed down to vegas for a day o’ fun.
we saw some runway [fashion show mall]
ate some yummy food [nordstrom cafe], and did some shopping [forever 21]
 then we went to the house of blues [mandalay bay] for the concert.
 watching my mom get metal detectored was nothing short of hilarious. and standing right next to a bar? also priceless #thingsineverthoughtiwoulddowithmymother
 we were standing in the perfect place. we were level with the stage, right in front of a banister, no one was obstructing our view [craning my neck is a pet peeve] and we didn’t have to stand in a crowd of drunk weirdos. win win win.
 after about an hour and a half brandon came out and starting singing ‘welcome to fabulous las vegas’. holy cow. perfection. who gets to go to brandon’s last show, in his hometown, which is also the subject of his album and hear him sing that song? oh hi. me. please listen/watch here.
he sang the viva las vegas song too. so great.
 we were insanely close. we could see every facial expression. he has so much power in his voice, it was a whole other experience to see the emotions on his face as he sang.
p.s. his vest slays me.
needless to say, it was incredible. the second he was on stage i knew i did not regret my decision one bit.
here’s to living.

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