as in a have some. which isn’t a normal occurrence because my life usually consists of work, school and sleep [and i guess the occasional brandon flowers concert]. anyway. i have some news…
i got a human resources internship with the city of long beach in the parks and recreation department!
i am so so SO excited about this. i have been worrying about getting an internship for forever and have working toward this internship for a couple months now and i finally got it! all the worry and self doubt can subside, pump up talks and inspirational quotes on my wall [yes, i went there] did their job in keeping my hopes alive and i did it! look at me now.
so, i will be living in sunny socal starting mid june. my college experience and actual real life will slowly begin to merge and i will gain the experience i need to enter the ‘real’ world for good when i graduate [in december!]. plus i get to live by my family that i never get to see! win win win.
a huge thank you to my aunt amy who helped me through the process of applying and to everyone who kept my spirits up when i had a serious lack of self confidence. i couldn’t have done this alone!
and in case you were wondering what long beach is like:
in the words of my friend anna [who will also be in la during summer for her internship]: 

break. part two.

saturday: slept in, ate a yummy homemade breakfast, went over to matt and jade’s and then we all went on a hike in snow canyon. it was so awesome! i can’t believe i lived there for four years and never took advantage of my surroundings. it was so amazing. and so fun to be with my family. after that we went shopping at target, swimming and got some inn n out. yummm.
track loves sticks. matt loves not getting sunburned #intensehikerman
super cool cave.
david is obviously too sexy for his shirt #lookoutsparklingvampire

 ah geez…

 golden spoon. i teach them young.

 this kid is too much.

sunday: easter sunday was so great. i went to both primary and young women, so that was a nice blast from the past. we had a huge yummy brunch after church and then had the kid’s easter egg hunt. oh man, so priceless. all track wanted to do was throw eggs in the pool and get in the pool. which he did. little crazy man. and laken was scouring the backyard like it was gold hidden instead of plastic eggs. it was super fun though. then we had the ‘adult’ easter egg hunt. let’s just say i totally won that. and i did. it was pretty awesome. everyone hated me for the rest of the night. just kidding. not really.

the whole fam.
so in love with the pool…

 this girl was on a mission.

 crazy two year old can fold his eyelids #whataboy

then i made everyone my super famous sandwiches for dinner. it was just so great to all be together as a family. i love them and love when we get to play together!

break. part one.

my break was exactly four days.
finished finals thursday. started class tuesday.
oh, the life of a college student.
so, with my break being slightly less than miniscule, i decided to spend it doing what i wanted to do the entire semester: hang out with my family without the guilt of unfinished assignments overhead. and that’s exactly what i did!
thursday: after my last final, i met up with my dad, lauren and the kids at inn n out for lunch. afterward we grabbed some yogurtland and then i took an extremely long nap [studying is exhausting]. then i went to dinner with dad, ben and the kids at a super yummy mexican restaurant. then lauren, dad and i watched ‘morning glory’ and ‘life as we know it’ [two two thumbs up].
friday: i slept in, messed around on my computer, showered and got ready [by this time it was 2. just livin it up] then went to lauren’s to eat lunch and say my goodbyes. then i went to my grandma’s, watched ‘sabrina’ and then niki, my mom and i went to a friend’s graduation. luckily i ran into my bestie jenkerr! afterwards we went to malawi’s for dinner and then headed down to st g.



week of instas.

my mom asked me to make us some breakfast. nutella, peanut butter and banana toast is what i came up with #hiimtwelve
i’ve had that list for a few weeks and i finally completely finished everything! so relieved.
yummy ‘dessert’ pizza at malawi’s
went on a family hike in snow canyon, surrounded by beautiful red rock
i had to treat myself to some peanut butter and toffee golden spoon after that long hard hike obvi…
easter egg hunts are ten times better with children

hope of easter.

lately i’ve realized that many people in this world live without hope. i think i’ve kind of taken this for granted in my life. but as i’ve thought about it, i’ve come to know what i have that lets me maintain a rather constant hopeful and optimistic outlook on life.
i have the knowledge that i am a daughter of our heavenly father, who knows every little bit about me, better than anyone else, who loves me unconditionally and wants to give me all that he has, as long as i keep the commandments and try my best. because of this love and the sacrifice of his son, i want to be the best i can be and make the best of this life he has given me. i know that i can do all things with his help. i mean, how on earth could i have gotten through this semester otherwise?! i know he has a plan for me that will help me grow, help me accomplish the things i must accomplish, and life will be better [but not necessarily easier] than anything i could have possibly dreamed. with this faith, i know i can do all things and i can live every moment with the knowledge of my divine worth.
i hope this easter season we will all be able to reflect on the blessings we have been given [having a computer to read this a amazing blog is a good place to start:] and recognize the love of our savior and the hope he has given us. click here to learn more.
happy easter friends.


this semester. took. for e ver.
it was by far the longest hardest semester of my byu career.
but with the incredibly hard times, i also recognized moments where i grew or learned something about myself or both. i feel like a totally different person than i was at the beginning of this [school] year. but in a good way. i love who i’ve become and i know i’ll continue to change and grow. because that’s what we do. the only constant is change.
something i learned from my stress psychobiology class:
we do not see the world as it is, but as we are.
reading that makes me want to have a positive and hopeful outlook on life. there is no time to waste by being down on myself or my situation or the unpredictable future. living in this moment and loving it is one of the best things i’ve learned to do and i am grateful for it. although i am a huge planner, i’ve learned that there are some things i just can’t control. and that’s ok. it’s actually kind of a relieving realization to live with.
but what i can plan is what i want to do now that school is over [until tuesday. me oh my.]. i’ve been making a list on my phone so i wouldn’t forget what i wanted to do when i was strapped to a computer in the library for eight hours writing a paper. it’s not a very exciting to do list, but when you have zero time whatsoever, they become gold:
– redesign blog [yes, it’s at the top]
– work out [this has definitely been taking a toll on me]
– paint my nails
– finally get music i’ve been hearing on pandora
– read books that don’t put me to sleep
there are like twenty billion movies i want to watch [or rewatch]:
– the switch
– water for elephants
– the tourist
– (500) days of summer
– penelope
– the killers concert dvd
– waitress
– unstoppable
– never let me go
– get low
– the romantics
– you again
– easy a
yeah… those probably won’t all happen… #agirlcandream
first things first though. shower.

for my soul.

i’ve decided to live. enjoy moments and grab opportunities. you know, live life to the fullest and such.
i think this was my first attempt with my new manifesto.
i’ve known that brandon flowers was going to perform in las vegas for a couple months now but i figured since it was on the day finals start it would be silly and probably stupid to go. but at the beginning of the week my desire to go just got stronger and stronger. especially since the last few days of classes were crazy stressful.
thursday i looked up tickets. they were in my price range! then i found out this was his last show until june, because the killers are going back to the studio to record their new album [finally!] and his tour in summer looks like it’s going to be all european music festivals.
how could i not go?!
so after some thinking and support [anna, lauren, mom] and some eye rolls [roommates] i decided it was a brilliant idea. i would even get back in time to take my finals. and it got even better when my mom said she would go with me! now someone else can behold the amazingness that is bf in the flesh.
friday after some studying and cleaning, i drove down to st george and hung out with my family and adam ruri. love that guy, so good to see him, enjoy some fun conversation and yummy golden spoon.
saturday i slept in, got ready and then my mom and i headed down to vegas for a day o’ fun.
we saw some runway [fashion show mall]
ate some yummy food [nordstrom cafe], and did some shopping [forever 21]
 then we went to the house of blues [mandalay bay] for the concert.
 watching my mom get metal detectored was nothing short of hilarious. and standing right next to a bar? also priceless #thingsineverthoughtiwoulddowithmymother
 we were standing in the perfect place. we were level with the stage, right in front of a banister, no one was obstructing our view [craning my neck is a pet peeve] and we didn’t have to stand in a crowd of drunk weirdos. win win win.
 after about an hour and a half brandon came out and starting singing ‘welcome to fabulous las vegas’. holy cow. perfection. who gets to go to brandon’s last show, in his hometown, which is also the subject of his album and hear him sing that song? oh hi. me. please listen/watch here.
he sang the viva las vegas song too. so great.
 we were insanely close. we could see every facial expression. he has so much power in his voice, it was a whole other experience to see the emotions on his face as he sang.
p.s. his vest slays me.
needless to say, it was incredible. the second he was on stage i knew i did not regret my decision one bit.
here’s to living.

week of instas.

what would my week be like if i didn’t have some froyo?
haven’t seen that sticker/phrase in a while…
just some inspiring kate spade and vegas shopping #livecolorfully
love me some toms.
mine heart. brandon flowers.
a little friendly sunday game of connect four with the brothers.

things that made this insane week bearable.

people always ask if i’m worried about finals but let me tell you something. the last week of classes is way worse than finals week. everything is due and, unlike finals week, they don’t give you two full days to write the two papers you were assigned to write at the beginning of the semester but never was able to get around to. i never thought this day would come. especially when i was looking at it from sunday night’s point of view. but come it did! i am here, no more papers, no more assignments, only finals week and then it is officially over.

here are some things that kept me sane and not hating life:

– walking past blooming trees and being able to smell them. i’ve been waiting for this for so long! i literally stopped, jumped up to grab a branch and took a deep breath in. yum.

– running into my friend anna at the library. sometimes i have to remind myself that we’ve only hung out like twice #bloggingbesties
leslie got a twitter. be prepared for a wave of @mentions coming your way.
– i saw someone watching prison break in the library while doing homework. my hero.
– talking to slash getting pep talks from my mom. whoever thinks they are too cool for their mom is a sad sad person.
– talking to jade and getting ‘invited’ to pinterest. yesss, another thing to get addicted to.
– eating taco bell every night before i go into the library. i should probably start a taco bell fast.
– rediscovered byu creamery ice cream. hi peanut butter chocolate goodness.
– eating with a taco in one hand and huge ice cream cone in the other. quite the sight to see, i’m sure.
– my room stayed relatively clean this week. a messy room adds severely to my stress level.
– reading this blog. girl cracks me up.
– seeing fernando torres’ and joe jonas’ doppelganger multiple times. no joke guys. it was weird.
– watching new brandon flowers’ videos and debating whether to see him in vegas this weekend or not. still debating…
– my dad paying for the battery in the car. thanks so much papi!
– finding out adam ruri is coming to town!
– hanging out with my sister and her kids. plus golden spoon. #perfectday