make do or do without.

i was cleaning my room last week when i realized i had a lot of clothes that i either a) have worn maybe twice in the many years i have owned them or b) have worn so much it has led to their imminent death and for some reason i thought there was a chance for their resurrection. so before i could justify or think too much, i grabbed all the clothes that fell into these two categories and threw them onto my bed.
it was definitely a liberating and cleansing feeling getting them all out of my closet [not to mention i finally have an even hanger to clothing ratio]. on saturday i finally took them to deseret industries and checked it off my to do list. it’s refreshing to look at my closet and know that i would actually wear every single thing. i highly recommend it.
here are some favorites that needed to go:
target. 2006. i love this shirt. the color, the cut, the design.
here it is in action at an allred concert with megan, katie, and jen. and my crazy face.
brass plum. rubbish. circa 2007. the buttons are my favorite.
as seen in my senior pictures. no judging please.
brass plum. 2007. all i know is i want to be one of those women. they are so cool.
last day of high school. this kid is getting married now. crazy.
please ignore the greasy sick nastiness that is my face. oh to be in high school… never again.
memory lane is just so darn fun.

3 thoughts on “make do or do without.

  1. Girl! P-town has gotten so much cooler since I left. Malawi's Pizza was not at Riverwoods when I lived there three years ago. I would have loved that place.Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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