where the red rock calls my name

i’ve been to moab once. almost seven years ago. but holy cow. i had completely forgotten how beautiful and wonderful it is.
last weekend me, leslie, jen and some others went down to moab for the canyonlands race. leslie and jen have been preparing for months for the half marathon and they are truly rockstars. i did the five miler which i also rocked.
pretty much we’re bomb all around.
if you ever get the chance to go to moab though, please take it. people come from all over the world to visit and for good reason. this trip definitely convinced me that i have to take advantage of how close i live to it and it reminded me of how much i love the outdoors, hiking and having the grungy dirt feeling without a care in the world.

leslie holding the different plans jen put together. very efficient, that jenkerr. fer rills.

 pulling into the desert as the sun set.

picked up our packets, put on our super cool running hats.

 jen and i shared some yummy gnocchi for our pre race pasta dinner!

bathroom shot of course. tradition.
we found this guy on the way back to our car.
after the race. they all look so great for just having run 13.1 miles!

we’re kind of awesome.


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