make do or do without.

i was cleaning my room last week when i realized i had a lot of clothes that i either a) have worn maybe twice in the many years i have owned them or b) have worn so much it has led to their imminent death and for some reason i thought there was a chance for their resurrection. so before i could justify or think too much, i grabbed all the clothes that fell into these two categories and threw them onto my bed.
it was definitely a liberating and cleansing feeling getting them all out of my closet [not to mention i finally have an even hanger to clothing ratio]. on saturday i finally took them to deseret industries and checked it off my to do list. it’s refreshing to look at my closet and know that i would actually wear every single thing. i highly recommend it.
here are some favorites that needed to go:
target. 2006. i love this shirt. the color, the cut, the design.
here it is in action at an allred concert with megan, katie, and jen. and my crazy face.
brass plum. rubbish. circa 2007. the buttons are my favorite.
as seen in my senior pictures. no judging please.
brass plum. 2007. all i know is i want to be one of those women. they are so cool.
last day of high school. this kid is getting married now. crazy.
please ignore the greasy sick nastiness that is my face. oh to be in high school… never again.
memory lane is just so darn fun.

pizza with soul friends

there are some people who are just meant to be your friends.
saturday, sarah and i went to lunch with our dear friends codi and rachel. they are so beautiful and fun and we are always guaranteed a good time with them. when i first met them i thought they were so cool, i was scared to talk to them. then i became friends with them, found out they are even cooler than i thought and now i just thank the heavens every day that they consider me a friend.
we went to malawi’s pizza, a new joint in the riverwoods that uses a portion of each meal bought to feed an orphan in africa. brilliant. look at us. catching up and feeding orphans. i don’t know how you can get any more productive on a saturday afternoon.
i got the malawi capri. oh my goodness, divine deliciousness in my mouth. their menu was super healthy, the options were so diverse and you don’t feel sick after eating it. approve.
i love these beautiful girls.
after we said our goodbyes sarah and i felt the need for some frozen yogurt. we just could not deny it. and trust me, we resisted… like, a lot. 
so we hit up yogurtland and, yum yum it was delicious. i don’t know if i like it better than golden spoon… but it is definitely up there. i got devil’s chocolate cupcake batter [yes, it is as good as it sounds] and peanut butter. with reese’s cup, reese’s pieces and white chocolate chip toppings. yeah… i kind of destroy any healthy connotation there is with froyo.
biodegradable spoons. once again, just saving the world with my eating habits.
i mark this weekend as a success.

week of instas.

[these are pics that are edited using the app ‘instagram’ on my phone]
strawberries in my oatmeal. yum.
my shirt jacket color combo that i loved
brunch, an orange carrot karma and a pumpkin ginger muffin
got two of my favorite chapstick because i always lose them
malawi capri pizza [new favorite]
yogurtland deliciousness [twice in less than 24 hours]


for the past few months i’ve been focusing a lot on my future. not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that my focus has been a lot of things i cannot control, no matter how hard i try or plan.
so. i hereby release myself of thinking of anything post-graduation until august.
when people ask me what i’m going to do once i graduate, instead of freaking out [both slightly on the outside and a lot inwardly] i’m just going to say ‘i don’t even know’ and be ok with that answer.
i release myself from bashing on boys and dating.
this is the honest to goodness truth: i don’t date a lot. it’s just how it is. it’s how it has always been. frankly, i’d be slightly weirded out if i started getting asked out on a semi regular basis. but you know what? that’s ok. i’m awesome. i know that and others know that. call me ‘stuck up’ but sometimes that’s just a sore term for ‘confident’. i know things will fall into place when they are supposed to, so for now, i’m just going to enjoy the ride and keep having fun and learning from the amazing people i’ve come in contact with.
i release myself from worrying about my eating habits.
i am a healthy person. my blood pressure, my heart rate, my bmi. i’ve never even been admitted to a hospital. everything about me is extremely healthy. i am lucky to have the body i do and i am lucky to be capable of the things i do. i can walk to work and school everyday, no problem. i can run a five miler, a half marathon. i can even [barely] do yoga. although i always see room for improvement, i don’t want it to consume me. so. my new plan is to eat my fruits and veggies, use portion control and break a sweat for an hour five times a week. no worrying about daily caloric intake or fat intake or how many desserts i’ve had this week. everything will balance out.
i release myself from worrying about money.
such a trivial thing. what do we need it for? to survive. to provide. then. to help others. i’m only one person. i don’t need much to live within my means. there’s a lot i can go without. so from now on i will budget what i need to survive comfortably [not luxuriously] with a little safety net and not worry about the rest.
i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life [i feel like i always am] and i felt a need to get it down and out. i always want to be the best me i can be without worry, without stress. this semester, i feel like i have let a lot bog me down and give me an excuse for mediocrity. no longer.
i am ahlin. i love to plan. i love to learn, not so much have the pressure of school weighing on me. i love to run and going to gold’s gym twice in one day makes me feel good. i really love my birthday and get confused when people don’t treat it like it’s the best day of the year. this year i’m turning twenty one. tv shows help me escape and that’s why i get addicted to them. i wish i could wear a v neck, black skinny jeans, my gold sandals and peacock earrings everyday. if i could choose one thing i could get away with it would be not brushing my teeth. or showering. it’s a tie. i have thick red hair and long eyelashes that i love. i destroy songs when i play them on repeat but i like it that way. i’m a control freak when it comes to driving but i am usually able to harness it. i love hanging out with my family more than anything and it breaks my heart when i hear people hate on their own. my friends are my soul mates and they each have a special purpose in my life. i had a dog named bear from when i was ten years old to twenty, when he died. he was my best friend and i still think about him all the time. it doesn’t bother me when people say my name wrong, only when they tell me i should spell it different [um. no.]. i love my religion, even when people think it’s silly. i like having a routine but i can get bored with it easily so my ‘routine’ changes often. it bothers me when people aren’t grateful and complain when they choose not to see the good things all around them. i’ve figured out that i look ‘coolest’ when i’m being myself, not when i’m doing the oh so sly things i think make me look cooler. i make excuses like it’s nobody’s business and i’m trying to change that. it is physically impossible for me to shower in under twenty minutes. i get nervous talking to people, even if it’s just to give them a compliment, which is ridiculous because who doesn’t like a compliment? i treat inanimate objects like they have feelings, to the point where i’ll give up what i actually want if i think it will make an object feel better. cooking and snowboarding are my outlets. i love canada and socal but my dream is to live on the east coast. teal is my favorite color. i rather be hot than cold. i like learning things about myself even if it means writing a huge paragraph on my blog that i probably would never read the whole thing either because, holy crap this thing is long. but that’s me. i am ahlin.

sister time is the best kind of time.

i’m not done talking about the time with my sisters. duh.
the night before gina flew home we all got together [me, mom, niki, gina, kendall] and had a grand old time.
we danced.
we laughed.
we talked.
we ate chinese food.
we talked more.
niki and i dancing to kid cudi.
gina likes to leave me love on my phone.
kendall was giving us advice on love.
 i think the best part was when we told my mom it was time to go to dinner and we tried to take the computer from her and she said ‘no i’m talking to my friend!’ on facebook. oh how the tables have turned.
i always have the best of times with my family.

where the red rock calls my name

i’ve been to moab once. almost seven years ago. but holy cow. i had completely forgotten how beautiful and wonderful it is.
last weekend me, leslie, jen and some others went down to moab for the canyonlands race. leslie and jen have been preparing for months for the half marathon and they are truly rockstars. i did the five miler which i also rocked.
pretty much we’re bomb all around.
if you ever get the chance to go to moab though, please take it. people come from all over the world to visit and for good reason. this trip definitely convinced me that i have to take advantage of how close i live to it and it reminded me of how much i love the outdoors, hiking and having the grungy dirt feeling without a care in the world.

leslie holding the different plans jen put together. very efficient, that jenkerr. fer rills.

 pulling into the desert as the sun set.

picked up our packets, put on our super cool running hats.

 jen and i shared some yummy gnocchi for our pre race pasta dinner!

bathroom shot of course. tradition.
we found this guy on the way back to our car.
after the race. they all look so great for just having run 13.1 miles!

we’re kind of awesome.


week of instas.

 gina’s multi colored braid
the first sign of spring outside my front door
girls night treats gone wild
boys that think it’s hilarious to hug awkwardly on the couch
hot sauce that talks to me that i think is hilarious.
sm and i eating some inn n out while watching friday and some jb
a super yummy healthy pasta salad i made