starting off.

here’s to starting off the week slash month on a good note:
– waking up in salt lake in my sister’s comfy bed.
no traffic on the way to provo.
– wearing glasses instead of contacts. and liking it.
– wearing new jeggings from target [love].
– finding this beauty on the counter that i ordered last week.
now i just have to find a dvd player.

long weekend.

if i could label this [much needed] long weekend i’d call it #familytime. or #biebertime. ’cause, let’s face it, i haven’t listened to anything else since neversaynever.
friday i had rubio’s with my sister lauren and her kids, luci and cason. later that night i went to their house and watched ‘red’ and ‘eat pray love’ with lauren and ben. i heart bonding over movies.
apparently luci refused to let lauren put her headband in. or fix it. so cute.
i love case. while i was eating he unbuttoned his shirt and showed me that he was wearing the stripling warriors mamas boys t shirt i gave him for christmas. it was so cute and i was shocked that he actually remembered.
saturday, after an annoying test that i did not want to take but did anyway cause i’m a responsible grown up university student, i went up to salt lake and hung out with my sisters, kendall and niki.
can i just say i love my sisters? they are all amazing and i am so lucky to live by all of them [minus gina. boo.]
oh yeah and sarah cut my bangs friday night. and i’ve gotten about eighteen billion compliments on them. i think i’ll let them stay for a while…
heidi and amanda dressed exactly the same by pure accident. it was kind of hilarious.
 sunday i went to a church meeting, then church, then another sacrament meeting for layton’s farewell talk [which was so good]. i heart church. then i took a nap, visited my sweet grandma and headed over to lauren’s house to hang out with the fam. my dad and brother blake are in town, it’s so nice to spend time with them.
dad and little luci mae asleep after dinner. presh.
 monday morning i got up bright and early for breakfast at kneaders with everyone. kneaders equals yummy french toast goodness in my belly.
the kids [and ben] showed us their angry birds skills. i’m pretty sure they could beat me any day.
 blake left flew back to california yesterday afternoon. i wish all my family could live by me so i could be with them all the time. i think it’s safe to say they are my favorite people on earth. 
 after a long day of homework, running and cleaning i think i might be able to take this week head on.
i hope your president’s day weekend was awesome too.


last night. i did not feel like going out. not even to the movies.
and if you know me. you know. i love movies.
it was 8:15. i just finished my accounting. i was going to get some groceries and come home. and finally go to bed on time.
but sm and lo had other plans for me. text: yo. ag. thirty minutes. bieber time. from lo and sm.
then sarah showed up at my door and as much as i wanted to i could not say no to that pretty face. so we went to the movies. i was not in the best mood and i was having a hard time hiding it. i did not want to spend eight twenty five on this movie. i could buy like ten burritos from taco bell with that money. but alas. i gave up the money. 
and it was worth every penny.
holy cow. please go see ‘never say never’. it changes lives. by the end of the movie we were out of our seats dancing and singing along. j biebs delivered. favorites: the hair flip and snoop dogg. and baby duh.
when i saw this video almost two years ago, i thought this kid was a joke.
justin bieber is not a joke.
then i got home and found this on my piece of dove dark chocolate [which is my new best friend, who knew?]:

‘someone’ would be justin bieber, in case you were wondering.


besties and burgers.

made a tumblr? yes.
got a r pat calender from my roommate? awww yeeeah.
caught up with my besties? check.
european chocolate? yes please.
got called a hobo by a random stranger man? yup.
was accused of giving a boy a secret valentine? yeah…
introduced to the perfect song? thank you sm.
moral of the story: my girls are my lifesavers
and maybe some r pat too.
baby burgers [sliders] at marley’s. yummm.
 true love.
 sm in londontown.
 i love these.
 standing under a heat lamp talking. then i guy told us that’s what hobos do in nyc. thank you sir, we are obviously having an awesome valentine’s day with our hot men, please, compare us to hobos one more time.
 rob’s face makes the world go round.
happy valentine’s day to me.

what is best

when i lived at home, every sunday my mom would ask us what we learned at church. of course being the angel of a child that i am, i would pull out my notebook, pages filled with insightful notes and quotes… lies. that was a lie. but today at stake conference i did hear a quote that was so perfect and exactly for me:

with even your strongest faith, God will not always reward you immediately according to your desires. rather, God will respond with what in His eternal plan is best for you, when it will yield the greatest advantage. be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer come. that causes your faith to increase and your character to grow.
 elder richard g. scott
october 2010

fifty five.

that is definitely a random number and not how old my dad is today.
happy birthday dad! i am so grateful to be your daughter!
thank you for all you teach me and for always being a stable presence in my life. 
i’m so grateful for all the experiences you have given me and the opportunities i’ve had because of you, namely:
going to 49 states
seeing my heart, brandon flowers
attending the one football game i went to as a byu student
jonas brothers!
driving a really nice [super fast!] car with seat warmers
surf camp!
efy [three years, baby]
because of you i:
found my love for movies and movie stars
do not hold back my love for attractive men because you indulge me in it
have great taste in music
have a deep love for my heavenly father and a testimony of his gospel
and thank you for putting up with our differences like:
me eating meat instead of being vegetarian
me drinking milk
me listening to hip hop
my incessantly long thick hair
i love you dad!
oh the times of blunt boy hair cuts and chubby cheeks…

just some classic shots that are my life.

driving for fourteen hours across frozen terrain from canada.
a boy that think it’s hilarious to take five hundred pictures of his leg.
 conversation kit kats? yes please.
 matt warming up jade and thinking he’s so funny.
 jade’s sisters painting david’s nails while he slept. bahaha.
 oh young love
 mother warming her hands while getting a pedicure. the nail lady thought this was hilarious.
 looking super cool while getting a pedicure.
 jade putting laken’s tights on track under his jeans so he stays warm.
 track plus beckham plus youtube equals bestie cousins forever.