baby bro.

david is probably the cutest boy man kid i know. i am seriously shocked at how much older and taller he is every time i see him. and today he turns sixteen! what?! he can start dating and driving now?! 
here’s a little visual timeline since i moved to college:
summer 2008
 summer 2009
 christmas 2010
david is so smart and so fun to be around. i love hanging out with him.
we always bond over tv shows and movies. we never even send each other real texts other than quotes. literal examples:
(ten points if you know these quotes)

david: she’s a gdb…
ahlin: ugh, you’re the worst.
d: s? did he say s?
a: wait, you guys are having nuggets?… can i come?
d: troy and abed in the mo-o-orning!
a: and the leg-endary bigfoot!
d: ya bit?! ya bit?!
a: parkour!
d: ‘you can’t do that’ ‘have you met me?!’
a: how can too much of something so delicious be bad for you?
d: and remember kids, don’t buy drugs… become a rockstar and they give you them for free!
yeah. he’s pretty cool. this is possibly my favorite picture of him.
word is bond.

the troy to my abed.

today sarahmaines turned twenty one.
and i got to behold a little bit of it.
allie lighting the candles.
they’re so pretty.
 we’re so hipster. and obscure.
luh you sm. 
thanks for sticking with me through my ridiculousness, always taking my side, and staying my bestie across the pond.


sometimes life skips the lemons and just hands you straight up lemonade.
how i did not discover this earlier, i do not know.
the killers fifth christmas single. i just fell in love. again.
i just don’t think i will ever get over him.
happy friday indeed.
ps jared hess the director of napolean dynamite and nacho libre made this. mormons unite!

snowboarding 101

first time: 2005. park city. my snowboard instructor sister taught me. five stars for best learning situation ever.
second time: 2006. brianhead. i went off a jump and loved it. went off again, a tad too fast. freaked out, fell and blacked out, got taken down in a mummy bag sled of shame. four stars for taking a jump my second time.
third time: 2007. brianhead. first two runs i hated snowboarding. third run i remembered why i love it. three stars for not facing the jump again and getting the worst sunburn ever right before seeing zac efron.

i started my snowboarding class yesterday. let’s look at some of the highlights. or just lights:
– my instructor’s name is joe. and he said gnarly within the first five minutes.
– i don’t know what joe looks like, due to the reflective goggles.
– apparently i can’t ride heel side anymore to save my life.
– apparently i’m the only one in the group who can’t ride heel side.
– joe now calls me toe side.
i need to lift weights or something if i want to ever do more than two runs a day.
– going to yoga after was the best post snowboarding decision ever.
– nature is kind of extremely pretty.

i’m excited to get better and test myself more. hopefully it will help me become a better risk taker.


never too soon.

my roommate made us personalized valentine’s day sugar cookies.
and they were yummmmy.
raise your hand if you love valentine’s day.
don’t worry. i bought heart shaped ice cube trays at target last week.
best purchase ever.

the three doors.

when i was little my mom taught us little phrases to help us be better people [and not get in trouble]: “if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” “if you borrow it, return it.” stuff like that.
one of my new years resolutions is to say nice things. always. never a bad word. about anyone. at first i was having a hard time remembering to do this. not that i go around bad mouthing everyone, but it seems so easy to say how annoying someone was or how ridiculous this person was, especially if you don’t know them. i was trying really hard but i just kept slipping right back in to my bad habits.
then i remembered something my mom taught me a long time ago. the three doors. before you say anything, it has to go through all three doors, or else you can’t say it.

is it kind?

is it true?

is it necessary?

it seems kind of simple but it works. they’re kind of woven together, like if it’s kind it’s usually necessary. but sometimes it’s not that i’m saying something mean per say. it just might not be shedding the right light on someone else, and i’m all for supporting people and building others up, whoever it may be.
so thank you mother for teaching me lessons when i was ten that are still keeping me in check when i’m twenty.


survival bands

we found out in september of last year that my brother and sister-in-law’s unborn son was diagnosed with trisomy 18. it is a chromosome condition that is sadly not survivable. this has taken a large toll on their family as well as all of us who know and love them. my nephew’s name is locke william arrington. matt and jade have amazing faith. we know that we will be able to be with him someday and are so grateful for this knowledge.

matt started making these survival bands as a reminder of locke and how we must ‘survive’ and cope with this news as we continue to live our blessed lives with a positive attitude. these survival bands are made of military grade 550 paracord. they are made to withstand insurmountable weight and help you in almost any survival situation.

go here if you are interested in purchasing one. they come in many different colors and styles and the proceeds go to the trisomy 18 foundation so more research can be done on the condition, as well as to help other families who go through this experience.

this is mine. for locke.