children are the best medicine.

i have come to the conclusion that nothing stresses me out more than children who i can’t understand or won’t listen to me or who cry the second i hold them.
i have also come to the conclusion that there is nothing sweeter in the world than listening to their reasoning and letting them ride on my back and making them laugh and kissing their faces.
which makes it all worth it.
we’ve pretty much broken every rule in the hospital. but track insisted on playing in the patients’ play room. and he kind of has me wrapped around his little finger.
 and then he crashed.
 club laken. i’m totally in it. be jealous.
i love being an aunt.

2 thoughts on “children are the best medicine.

  1. haha! i love listening to their reasoning too! my nephew went to his first movie theater recently and was just talking to me and was like, "so we went and saw tangled. the tv was so big, i think it was the size of a school bus!" it was just super funny to me that the biggest thing that he could think of was a school bus.

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