snowboarding 101

first time: 2005. park city. my snowboard instructor sister taught me. five stars for best learning situation ever.
second time: 2006. brianhead. i went off a jump and loved it. went off again, a tad too fast. freaked out, fell and blacked out, got taken down in a mummy bag sled of shame. four stars for taking a jump my second time.
third time: 2007. brianhead. first two runs i hated snowboarding. third run i remembered why i love it. three stars for not facing the jump again and getting the worst sunburn ever right before seeing zac efron.

i started my snowboarding class yesterday. let’s look at some of the highlights. or just lights:
– my instructor’s name is joe. and he said gnarly within the first five minutes.
– i don’t know what joe looks like, due to the reflective goggles.
– apparently i can’t ride heel side anymore to save my life.
– apparently i’m the only one in the group who can’t ride heel side.
– joe now calls me toe side.
i need to lift weights or something if i want to ever do more than two runs a day.
– going to yoga after was the best post snowboarding decision ever.
– nature is kind of extremely pretty.

i’m excited to get better and test myself more. hopefully it will help me become a better risk taker.


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