the three doors.

when i was little my mom taught us little phrases to help us be better people [and not get in trouble]: “if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” “if you borrow it, return it.” stuff like that.
one of my new years resolutions is to say nice things. always. never a bad word. about anyone. at first i was having a hard time remembering to do this. not that i go around bad mouthing everyone, but it seems so easy to say how annoying someone was or how ridiculous this person was, especially if you don’t know them. i was trying really hard but i just kept slipping right back in to my bad habits.
then i remembered something my mom taught me a long time ago. the three doors. before you say anything, it has to go through all three doors, or else you can’t say it.

is it kind?

is it true?

is it necessary?

it seems kind of simple but it works. they’re kind of woven together, like if it’s kind it’s usually necessary. but sometimes it’s not that i’m saying something mean per say. it just might not be shedding the right light on someone else, and i’m all for supporting people and building others up, whoever it may be.
so thank you mother for teaching me lessons when i was ten that are still keeping me in check when i’m twenty.


3 thoughts on “the three doors.

  1. my mom told me the same thing!!usually the stuff i say don't make it past "is it kind"…that's when i know i have a problem.sometimes i make exceptions and say, "let's go two out of three." it may not be kind, but it's true and necessary!i'm terrible.

  2. You are such a good person Ahlin. I have watched you carefully set goals with real direction and purpose your entire life. One step at a time you make good things happen. Soooo bottom line, you inspire me daily! The three doors…an ongoing pursuit of mine for sure.Added to that…the challenge to "lift myself and others by cultivating an attitude of gratitude" Thanks to the prophet for that one! You are missed and loved, Mom

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