a year in the life of arg

january – long
 february – soul mate friends
 marchremember me
 april – fresh start
 may – lots of play
 june – golden
 august – thirteen point one
 september – love and marriage
 october – golden spoon
 novemberbrandon flowers
december – “shower the people you love with love”
thank you 2010. bring it 2011.


i’m not usually a huge game person. but i am addicted to loving scrabble.
especially turbo scrabble. as introduced to me by layton and the checketts family.
so all my friends in provo: buckle up. because we are going to be playing a lot of scrabble.
this picture pretty much describes my break. mockingjay… i don’t even want to talk about it.

fam bam.

all my mom’s kids together for the first time in who knows how long.
first. we tried to sit nicely.
then. we decided to be ourselves.
families that laugh together, stay together.
i was accused of having an attitude. and subsequently got attacked by niki.
matt, mom, david. kendall, gina, mom, niki, me.
families are forever. thank goodness.