it’s kind of old news that i’ve started to be healthy. i decided to change my old ways of avoiding cooking and produce sections at all costs back in june. throwing out the pop tarts [one blessed s’more pop tart at a time] and bringing in the special k. trading in eggos and peanut butter with chocolate chips melting on top [seriously divine] for whole wheat everything. and i actually bought produce which was pretty much a lost cause for the last two years slash my entire life. now i feel sick if i don’t eat something fresh every week. it’s a wonder i didn’t die of scurvy or something years ago. my health conscious parents are so proud.

so even though this has been going on for almost six months, a fist pump of celebration still ensues every time i have a healthy meal. especially when i totally invented it and it totally rocks with yumminess!

so here it is. i call it super awesome healthy pasta salad of deliciousness.

so colorful! and the more color, the better. aesthetic and health wise :)
ingredients of fresh delectableness:
red bell peppers
whole wheat bow tie pasta
sharp cheddar
newman’s own balsamic vinegarette
i added rosemary for experimenting sake but i would leave it out next time.

the best is that there are no measurements. measuring things always freaks me out. ha! just do whatever your heart tells you.
seriously, so easy and so delicious! and it was even better for lunch the next day.

i feel super cool now that i have a recipe on my blog. for even better taste [in all things] go here.



provo is starting to make the switch from a colorful fall to a frost adorned winter.
love it all.

i take my twist with a shout.

our ward had a t shirt decorating date, so rob and i made one for jess since it was her birthday [21!!!]
rob is really good at spray-painting hearts.
and i’m really good at writing letters.
high five, first grader ahlin.
i’m gonna miss this guy. sad face.
i’m not gonna lie. it turned out pretty legit.
p.s. i totally recommend this for a date night. so fun.

bf: the day

well, the wonderful day finally came when i got to see brandon.
and oh was it glorious.
let’s start from the beginning.
of course the night before we had to figure out what i was going to wear.
after several unsuccessful outfits, this is what we came up with.
this is my yeah, i fly to los angeles for less than a day to see brandon flowers, don’t you? getup.
flew out of salt lake. time: 1130.
i heart planes. and sitting in a chair in the sky. aka flying.
blake picked me up and we went to our grandma and grandpa griffith’s house. then we walked to the pier for some yummmmy lunch. right there. by the ocean. don’t worry about it.
my yummy yummy fish tacos. probably my favorite california treat.
there were super cool bike racks too.
after that we walked back to their house and blake and i took a nap. we were both pretty beat so it felt good to get a couple hours of recovery time. then we met up with dad for dinner at spires where i had some french toast. mmmm
after that blake and i headed to la. of course there was a bit of traffic but it was definitely good bonding time :) and we arrived at the wiltern right before the opening act got onstage!
the first guy [fran healy of the band travis] was pretty good but i was just itching to hear brandon. finally, at 9, he took the stage…. and blew me away.
the opening song was on the floor. he walked out to the center of the stage and started to sing. the lighting only showed his silhouette at first. to hear this rich, deep sound coming from a mysterious shadowed figure was really powerful. and then they lit his face. and it took everything i had to remember to breathe.
he was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a vest. do you know what vests do to me? they make it impossible for me to focus on anything else besides the wearer of the vest. and in this case. i had no problem with that.
his voice was everything i had remembered and more. the clarity and strength of his voice is pure divinity. the power in each song he sings shows how he believes every word. his enthusiasm on stage is addicting. his signature move of jumping on the speakers and adding a fist pump makes your excitement triple.
please. if you are looking for an inspiringly good time, something different to throw into your schedule, something to get excited about, go to his concert. i promise you will not regret it. he is worth every penny. and not just because i’ve loved him for the past five years. he is a quality performer with a voice and presence that is unprecedented. here are the shows. if you are near any of the locations, please. just go. don’t make excuses. that’s not what life’s about.
the videos turned out a lot better than the pictures. so please. partake and witness [full screen please] the wonderfulness that is brandon flowers.
for the encore, they came back out and brandon said,
“we have a little treat for you guys… actually, it’s a treat for us too… the police are here!”
and out walked andy summers from the police. and then he played with the band while brandon sang roxanne.
holy crap. only in la.
when we were walking back to the car, we saw what we assumed was brandon’s tour bus. excited face!
we made our way back to ggg’s where we said our goodbyes and i went inside. i showed grandma my merch and made my way to bed. but not before i tried on my new shirt!
warning: i may wear this shirt everyday for the next three weeks. please do not judge. thank you.
and the poster.

the next morning grandma and i got up nice and early to head to breakfast before i had to be at the airport.

this is my grandparent’s house, where they’ve lived for over fifty years and where my daddy-o grew up!
and where my dad [and all his siblings] went to high school.
please behold the beautiful crisp and clear california morning i woke up to. i think some would describe it as paradise.
we stopped at hof’s hut for some breakfast [i got eggs and a pumpkin muffin. let’s not discuss how pumpkin anything is a sever weakness of mine].
then grandma dropped me off at the airport where i made it perfectly in time for my flight.
and i kind of felt like fergie walking out to the plane. minus the glamour.
landed in salt lake. time: 1045.
yup. less than twenty four hours.

bf: today.

today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.
i’ve been waiting for it because i finally get to see the one and only in the flesh.
you’ve been waiting for it so i would stop posting all things bf.
whatever the reason…
it’s a good day.
here is some final eye candy. so you can partake on screen. what i will be witnessing in real life.

weeks go by.

i swear the weeks are going by faster than they ever have.
so here’s a little picture book to the last few weeks.
in my sensation and perception class we did a lab where we were deprived of sight and then hearing. it was really cool! and it made me very grateful for my ability to see. sterling thought it was hilarious to make faces at me while i was blind. cool.
enjoyed our first snow. and a pretty sunset.
adam ruri came to town! so we ate dinner at guru’s and then hit up golden spoon with a bunch of friends of course!
it’s always good times when adam ruri comes to town.
i got these cute shoes in the mail from my aunt. love them!
got to see these cuties [along with their parents] for two seconds. love them so so much.
um, hearts in my cereal? yes please!
my outfit for my washington seminar interview, so i can intern in dc… fingers crossed!
honestly, i wish i could dress like this everyday.
lindsay gave me the best compliment when i came out with this outfit: you look like mad men. mission. accomplished.
and then right before she took the picture she said wait keep your legs crossed like that! it makes you look skinnier and taller!
hence the weird laughing face.
time is seriously flying by.