this is where i live.

my backyard.
i love st george.
it’s funny to think i used to hate it. when we first moved there six years ago, i thought that nothing worse could happen. moving from sunny southern california to the desert of utah? who in their right mind would want to do that?! it only took me a few months to change my mind and my heart and be thankful for the place i was in. i would do it again too. i know my family and i were blessed for moving there and i know i was given many more opportunities by living there my high school years.
and it really is beautiful. it never ceases to amaze me.
it was so good to be back. even though thanksgiving and christmas aren’t very far apart, it was a much needed break. 
i love being with my family.
now it’s back to the snow. so much snow. fun facts: i left all of my makeup in st george, black water came out of my shower this morning, my phone wouldnt turn on [fixed that though, thank goodness] and i’m still sick.
but i’m happy. why? i seriously have no idea.

2 thoughts on “this is where i live.

  1. melt my heart! Loved having you home for Thanks. Love just knowing your in the house. Love love love just being in the same room with you no matter what you and I are doing. Ok, love your patience, kindness, your sweet smile, and much more. You lift my heart and soul! Hurry back, I have your makeup box as leverage. Maja

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