take the stairs.

so i work on the third floor of my building [top floor. woot woot.] and a little bit ago i decided to always take the stairs. it takes the same amount of time as the elevator and every little bit helps, so why not, right?
anyway, i was walking up the stairs yesterday and i was thinking that the only con about taking the stairs is that i don’t get to see james [the extremely good looking and incredibly good smelling guy from the second floor with blue eyes you could swim in] a lot any more because we would pass each other with a quick but nice ‘hey’ as he got off the elevator, leaving it with his amazing cologne scent as i got on it. oh well i thought, it’s worth the extra exercise…
then. right as these thoughts were passing through my mind. i look up. and there is james, coming down the stairs.

james: [warm smile] hey
me: [smile] hey how are you
james: [still smiling] good
in my head: hahahahhahahahahahahaha oh my gosh i was just thinking about you….. it’s meant to be.

moral of the story: take the stairs.


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