dress up.

happy halloween everyone!
here are some costumes from our ward activity at classic skate, my work party and the 5k i ran.
elmos, the cowardly lion and scarecrow, and ken & barbie
harry potter & hermione and superheroes
a cop, grapes and a hippie
here i am as cristiano ronaldo with jess. she’s i’m on a boat!
indian & cowboy, super man and ratatouille & the chef
richard simmons, mario and luigi, jabbawockeez
me with viking rob!
darla and alfalfa. so cute!
yes. that is my blue eyed blonde friend roslyn. as antoine dodson.
me and my coworkers. we heart soccer apparently.
me, leslie, jen and arielle at our 5k
arielle is the hottest belly dancer i know.
we are super hardcore.

did you like how much i rocked the ronaldo uniform? i am seriously the worst at coming up with costumes.
what were you guys for halloween?

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