remember when i ran 13.1 miles in two hours and ten minutes?
i don’t know if that was fast. but i did it.

i find myself lacking the motivation that i had for those few months in the summer.

and for no good reason.

i have a gym pass [which i didnt then].
i have enough time.
it’s not nearly as hot anymore. [though it is a bit cold]
i love to exercise.
i need to exercise.
i have goals.

so why don’t i get myself up and out?
i don’t know.

i really admire my brother-in-law, ben. especially when it comes to self discipline and motivation. he’s a rock star. a few years ago he started cycling super hard core. he would wake up early to bike, go during lunch, any time he could. now he competes in races that are completely insane. i just need a teeny tiny bit of that ‘no buts, no excuses’ attitude and i’ll be good to go.

what are your tactics to just do it?


i love my sensation and perception class. slash professor.

on friday we have someone who is blind coming in to talk to us. a word of warning from my teacher:
“she’ll probably bring her dog. now, don’t play with her dog. she gets weird about it. one time she got mad at my daughter for playing with him. then that made me mad but it’s ok cause she couldn’t see that.”

“any one have astigmatism here?”
hands raise
“you have brain damage, don’t worry about it.”

talking about how your vision gets worse as you get older and you have to read from further away:
“i didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did. you can’t stop it. it’s like a big train comin’ to town.”

“any one have a grandparent with cataracts?”
hands raise
“yeah, they start looking glassy.”

talking about a detached retina:
“it actually comes off really easy. it’s just kinda floating there.”

talking about getting eye exams:
“kids are lying all the time.”


the worth of a soul.

last week my teacher opened a usually touchy and heavy topic with an amazing concept.
the concept was the worth of a soul. the worth of every soul.

he took out a dollar bill.
“how much is this worth? and don’t say a dollar.”
class: “100 pennies…20 nickels…10 dimes….4 quarters…”
he crumples it in a little ball.
“now how much?”
class: “100 pennies…20 nickels…etc.”
“but it’s wrinkly?”
puts on the ground and steps on it.
“now how much?”
class: “100 pennies…20 nickels…etc.”
“but it’s flat. and dirty. and crumpled.”
class: hmmm….
“you can’t change its worth, no matter how distorted, ugly, skinny, fat, warped this dollar bill is. its worth does not, cannot change.”

i walked out of that class seeing everyone differently. every person i passed, i could see them for who they were: a son or daughter of our heavenly father, with problems and strengths and issues and tendencies of their own. with just a flash, a little peek, i could see their priceless worth and how much heavenly father cherishes them.


red orange yellow

this weekend was full of wonderfulness and wonder.
we had a ward date activity that we [the activities committee] were in charge of. it was a carving pumpkins date, so guess who got to go buy the thirty pumpkins from smith’s? me, kelsie and josh of course!

just in case you were wondering, thirty pumpkins at 19 cents/lb is about $100. and people will stare at you when you have to bring three carts full in from the outside. even though it’s october. why it’s weird to buy so many pumpkins in october, i have no idea.

saturday my mom and i met up with niki and some of her friends after a wedding at blue lemon in salt lake [um, so so good. seriously, check it out.] and my brother trent and his wife brooke were there too! it was such a nice surprise and so good to see them.

they had luci mae for the day too. she is to die for.
on our way to nordstrom rack, my mom and i passed this historic site. i definitely did not squeal and beg my mom to pull over so i could get a pic. it’s old news to her: her siblings went to high school there who knows how long ago. luckies.

after we shopped [and by ‘shopped’ i mean looked at super cute stuff and didn’t buy anything], we went back to the hotel where my mom is staying in snowbird. i had never been to snowbird [it’s a ski resort up a canyon by salt lake city] but being up there was the best thing for me. the drive was so beautiful and i realized how much i love the mountains, especially now. seriously. look.

this is the hotel slash resort we stayed in. um. it’s awesome. i could hang out there every day.

sooo pretty much that was my weekend. let’s just say i want to be up there all week with my mom instead of being the responsible student slash employee that i am.


week in [camera phone] pics

my flowers at work that i bought at tj maxx. they make me happy. and my cubicle not so drab. love them.
so i read through obituaries at work. maybe i’ll expound on that later so it doesn’t sound as morbid…because i promise it isn’t.
anyway when i was going through them the other day i saw this guy. and i was like 
oh hey qui-gon jinn from star wars episode one the phantom menace. 
my mom sent me home with a huge bag of chocolate covered raisins from costco. because she loves me.
and then i put them in my backpack where they sat in the sun the entire drive.
so now i am chipping away at them like some ravenous crazy person.
nothing gets between me and my chocolate covered raisins from costco. even the fact that it looks like poo.
got golden spoon. for free. because my punch card was full. don’t judge.
pumpkin, just chocolate, and my personal fave, peanut butter cup.
my wonderful beautiful loving kind awesome artist sister niki went in not wanting anything. she came out with cake batter and peanut butter cup with marshmallow cream and carmel sauce for dipping. nice.
and, the day i’ve been waiting for patiently for an entire year: our annual this-is-why-your-important-slash-please-stop-getting-on-facebook-at-work-slash-you-guys-are-the-best work meeting. also known as free-cafe-rio-at-work day. hence why it’s my favorite work day of the year.

just a day in the life

on repeat: all things iron & wine.
hoping for: golden spoon tonight.
wearing: carlsbad caverns sweater i got six years ago.
happy that: everything always works out.
inspired by: this blog.
believing in: eternal marriage and families.
wanting to watch: house disc three.
can’t wait for: pilates in an hour.
needing to: run more.
wishing: my lovely loving sister a happy birthday.
anticipating: 2011. it will be gooood.
tomorrow brings: free cafe rio at work suckas.
missing: duh number one and duh number two. and bear.
love that: i’m still on top of school. what up.



sometimes i get quotes stuck in my head.
like how random songs can get stuck in there all day long, ya know?
this quote gets in there a lot. i don’t know why.
it’s one of my faves from the (500) days of summer.

“just because [he] likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn’t mean [he’s] your soul mate.”



weekend of awesome.

went down to the st g for the weekend and:

got to see the kiddos [and their parents] finally

ate bajio yumminess
and inn n out amazingness

house marathon with the fam

hit up ross, target and tj maxxxxx
and got hot-tire [hottie attire. roll with it.] slash great deals
what up.
oh and st george without george?

hun cal fro yo

this is all i want slash think about these days.
the only frozen yogurt place i like just opened here.
and it happens to be the furthest possible frozen yogurt place you can go to.
and tuesday double stamp night? genius.
curse not having a car.
keaton jolley indulged me in this craving last week. thank you kj.