events. of my life.

friday is date night. so i went on a date. obviously.
it was great. we ate at pizza pie cafe, had deep and fun conversation, went to wilsons diamond and i found the perfect engagement ring, and then saw charlie st cloud in the dollar theatre. the night was seriously perfection.
oh yeah and it was with my roommate lindsay. we be cool.

saturday i slept in, studied for and aced a test, went to the football game with my dad, then hung out at my sister’s house for a bit. me and daddy-o ended the night with some golden spoon and grocery shopping.
i’d call it a successful weekend fo sho.

this is [part of] the testing center line. usually people wait in lines for something they want. not something they’re dreading. i heard one guy comment ‘we’re like lambs on our way to the slaughter.’ nice.

this was the first byu football game i’ve been to in five years! [since my brother trent played for them] it was actually a lot of fun and i loved seeing my friend romney play. except he got hurt! yeah i think i’m bad luck



you guys. this is serious.
remember how brandon flowers is coming to salt lake november 17th and i was super stoked about it and searched immediately for tickets and decided there is no price too high for me to see bf?
oh and remember how you have to be 21 or older to be able to attend?
and remember how i’m 20 years old?

heart. shattered.

these are my options:
– fly to long beach and see him in los angeles november 10th
– fly to dc and see him november 29th
– fly to new york city and see him december 2nd

i’m not even joking you guys. it is imperative that i see this man in the flesh. this is my last chance until the killers release another album!
what should i do?!
i love him.


pure joy.

a walk to the pond. feeding the ducks. photobooth. backyardigans.
loved every minute of it.
let’s not discuss my weak and sore arms though. i don’t know how you do it lauren.
happy friday everyone.

i realize i have a problem.

the hand to hip. it’s got to stop.
or simmer down at least.
but i dont know how.
help please.

yet another former roommate. married.

my dear leah marie got married a couple weeks ago and had her utah reception last night. it was so beautiful.
but not quite as beautiful as her.
we’re so funny.
my first picture with my new roommate lindsay. fer cute.
that’s three roommates. in two months. look at ’em go.


you didn’t really think i would let this go unnoticed, did you?
i love you. i love your voice. i love your sound. i love your passion.
i love that your initials are bf. because you are my fantasy bf.
i love that you love your stomping ground. i love that your song on the floor is about prayer.
i love that you’re coming to salt lake in november.
and i love your face. the end.
happy friday. happy weekend.

right now.

a lot like love.
freezing hands.
washington dc.
cafe rio.
oh darling.
real life.

in case you were wondering what’s on my mind.
in no particular order.