under the cover of summer’s kiss

i feel like this week was the perfect way to say good bye to summer.
first off. all my friends came back from their ‘homes’. it was so good to see everyone again. i have missed them terribly.
thursday night. she & him.
did i mention i fell desperately in love with m ward and his husky man voice. love.
friday night we had a surprise ‘bachelorette party’ dinner for leah with all the old roomies. it was so great to all be together again. and the girls leaving my number for the waiter? not cool.
late friday night. the race.
so this race was a bit different than others. the ‘winner’ was the first person to cross the finish line after midnight. there were no timers, you just started when you wanted and hoped you crossed after midnight. i was planning on starting at about 9:45 but, due to rain, construction and most of all, unpreparedness, we got lost and i left at 10:05. i never really cared about winning, i just wanted to do it. let’s just say for the first four or five miles people were passing me like crazy and i was like crap. but then i started passing people and, call me a competitive beast but that feels freaking good.
and dont even get me started on my music. it was perfect. i could not have planned it better. that will be a post by itself. that’s how amazing it was.
when i got close to the finish, a little less than a half mile away, i started to see my sister and my friends, who in turn started to run with me. jeffery johnson handed me a paddle with an american flag on it that said america- love it or leave it.
if that wasn’t dramatic enough, what song was playing as i finished? none other than wavin’ flag by k’naan. yes. let’s just say i felt like i was in some sports movie.
and i finished at 12:15! that’s 2 hours and 10 minutes guys. i dont know if that’s good or bad but i was definitely not expecting to go that fast. that’s like a solid ten minute mile for two hours straight. high five ahlin.
anyway i had so many people there who were cheering me on and it was so great! i seriously was in love with all my friends after that. thank you everyone who came.
and thanks so much to niki who drove me around and gave me tips and was super calm but super excited for me. loves.
saturday was dedicated to sarahmaines. it was her last day here before she hit up londontown so pretty much i was glued to her side all day. her and leslie came over, we ate brunch, talked, went to nordstrom to buy shoes check out the hot men in the shoe department, then we had our traditional dinner at pizza pie cafe. except usually it’s a birthday dinner. not a goodbye dinner.
the boys bought her a cake that said sm save the queen. classic.
then we had a get together afterward at 203 to say some more goodbyes. sad face.
sm is going to miss america. and i am going to miss sm.
sarah you are going to have so much fun in london! and then you’ll come home and be even more awesome and i’ll be more awesome and we’ll just be super awesome together. word.
school starts tomorrow. woot woot. wish me luck. and good luck to those who have already started. 

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