good news minute.

first off [because, priorities guys] i finished friends!
yes. i have now seen all 10 seasons aka 236 episodes of friends.
and it was worth every minute of it.
it was hard, ya know…
getting teased for ‘wasting my time’ and sitting around doing ‘nothing’, blah blah blah
but i did it. and i loved it.
and please don’t ask me who my favorite ‘friend’ is. that’s like asking which of my [notyetexistent] children i love the most. you’re really going to make me choose? for shame.
next. something bittersweet.
i had to get a new backpack because my old one is dying.
my eight year old, not quite black any more, weathered and worn, perfectly formed to my back clive.
it has served me well. from middle school to high school to college.
i used to think my red two pocket jansport was cooler. oh was i wrong.
but this baby has been my companion through thick and thin. and now it is time for him to retire before he is completely useless.
but this does mean that i got to get a new backpack. and for 50% off might i add [backpacks are expensive yo. who knew].
i was going to go for a two pocket jansport again but they didnt have any plain black ones and i’m not really into super distinctive bright patterned ones right now. i like to keep my backpacks chill, like myself. i like them to say ‘maybe you’ve seen me before, maybe you haven’t. i’m pretty easy going and i match with everything. so pretty much i’m awesome.’ yes. i put that much thought into it.
so i bought this guy. i think he will serve me well.
he even has a secret skateboard holder. which is good, due to all the skateboarding i do.
good news number three.
i got my room all moved in and decorated! i heart decorating so it was pretty exciting. even though i’m not half as creative as most people i like what i did. it kind of looks like my last room but with a few changes…
vogue magazine wall slash bed slash the killers [of course.]
my desk slash across the universe poster slash window where the campus is my backyard. 
my door slash shoes slash cristiano slash the temple which is the last thing i see out the door. 
my massive closet with twenty billion hangers slash audrey slash surprise posters. 
i found out that my fafsa went through and i have full tuition for fall and winter paid for. holy cow that makes me happy.
and she&him tonight! for free!
yeah. it’s been a pretty good week.

4 thoughts on “good news minute.

  1. you're room look awesome– I love that bedspread!! And good luck with the new backpack :) I understand backpack attachment–when I lost mine I got the exact same one, color and everything.

  2. Ah! I need one of those shoe thingys. I have shoes everywhere. Even when I lift things up, I will find a couple pairs.And friends is awesome, I've seen every episode at least 8 times and it never gets old. Classic.

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