yes. another st g post.

i’ve gone home to st george a lot this summer, more than i usually do. i love seeing my family and it’s a nice getaway for sure. this weekend was probably my last trip there for a while but it definitely wasn’t any less eventful!
i made it just in time for one of my best friends from high school, anna’s wedding reception.
i hadn’t seen her in about a year and a half and now i wish i had! seeing her, i was reminded of how beautiful and fun and what a good friend she is. now she’s all hitched and dedicated to her husband. lesson: don’t take the good friends for granted.
and we got the old ward gang together for a quick pic.
after laying by the pool for an hour:
mom – whaddya wanna do?
me – i dunno. what do you wanna do?
mom – i dunno. what do you wanna do?
ah yes. that is the life.
we satisfied our sweet tooth and treated our literally hot bodies to some arctic circle cones.
and round two? i think so. you go momma.
picking up david from the movies. poor baby. we must have been a tad late
poor kids lost their water turtle in the desert and their parents are making it seem like there’s a chance they can find it.
oh wait.
one awkward phone call later revealed that it was in fact an old woman who had lost her pet turtle of 16 years. oh my…
and shopping of course! 
downeast. was 30. the tag said 25. got to the register and it was 15.
love when that happens.
 old navy. was 25. got it for 15.
 old navy. was 16. got it for 10.
 target. was 25. got it for… 25. what can i say, it looks great on me.
 target. i forget. but i like it. and stripes.
finally saw my returned missionary bestie, michael. i’m excited for him to come back to byu to party it up with me!
and i said bye to gina for the last time before she goes to college in virginia on monday.
was it a teary affair? of course not. 
did we pretend like it wasn’t happening? of course we did.
love st george. but it’s nice to be back in provo in my own [new] apartment.
kind of ready for school to start too. shh. don’t tell anyone i said that. and don’t remind me that i said those words in a month when i’m hating school and life.
ok. peace.

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