under the cover of summer’s kiss

i feel like this week was the perfect way to say good bye to summer.
first off. all my friends came back from their ‘homes’. it was so good to see everyone again. i have missed them terribly.
thursday night. she & him.
did i mention i fell desperately in love with m ward and his husky man voice. love.
friday night we had a surprise ‘bachelorette party’ dinner for leah with all the old roomies. it was so great to all be together again. and the girls leaving my number for the waiter? not cool.
late friday night. the race.
so this race was a bit different than others. the ‘winner’ was the first person to cross the finish line after midnight. there were no timers, you just started when you wanted and hoped you crossed after midnight. i was planning on starting at about 9:45 but, due to rain, construction and most of all, unpreparedness, we got lost and i left at 10:05. i never really cared about winning, i just wanted to do it. let’s just say for the first four or five miles people were passing me like crazy and i was like crap. but then i started passing people and, call me a competitive beast but that feels freaking good.
and dont even get me started on my music. it was perfect. i could not have planned it better. that will be a post by itself. that’s how amazing it was.
when i got close to the finish, a little less than a half mile away, i started to see my sister and my friends, who in turn started to run with me. jeffery johnson handed me a paddle with an american flag on it that said america- love it or leave it.
if that wasn’t dramatic enough, what song was playing as i finished? none other than wavin’ flag by k’naan. yes. let’s just say i felt like i was in some sports movie.
and i finished at 12:15! that’s 2 hours and 10 minutes guys. i dont know if that’s good or bad but i was definitely not expecting to go that fast. that’s like a solid ten minute mile for two hours straight. high five ahlin.
anyway i had so many people there who were cheering me on and it was so great! i seriously was in love with all my friends after that. thank you everyone who came.
and thanks so much to niki who drove me around and gave me tips and was super calm but super excited for me. loves.
saturday was dedicated to sarahmaines. it was her last day here before she hit up londontown so pretty much i was glued to her side all day. her and leslie came over, we ate brunch, talked, went to nordstrom to buy shoes check out the hot men in the shoe department, then we had our traditional dinner at pizza pie cafe. except usually it’s a birthday dinner. not a goodbye dinner.
the boys bought her a cake that said sm save the queen. classic.
then we had a get together afterward at 203 to say some more goodbyes. sad face.
sm is going to miss america. and i am going to miss sm.
sarah you are going to have so much fun in london! and then you’ll come home and be even more awesome and i’ll be more awesome and we’ll just be super awesome together. word.
school starts tomorrow. woot woot. wish me luck. and good luck to those who have already started. 

good news minute.

first off [because, priorities guys] i finished friends!
yes. i have now seen all 10 seasons aka 236 episodes of friends.
and it was worth every minute of it.
it was hard, ya know…
getting teased for ‘wasting my time’ and sitting around doing ‘nothing’, blah blah blah
but i did it. and i loved it.
and please don’t ask me who my favorite ‘friend’ is. that’s like asking which of my [notyetexistent] children i love the most. you’re really going to make me choose? for shame.
next. something bittersweet.
i had to get a new backpack because my old one is dying.
my eight year old, not quite black any more, weathered and worn, perfectly formed to my back clive.
it has served me well. from middle school to high school to college.
i used to think my red two pocket jansport was cooler. oh was i wrong.
but this baby has been my companion through thick and thin. and now it is time for him to retire before he is completely useless.
but this does mean that i got to get a new backpack. and for 50% off might i add [backpacks are expensive yo. who knew].
i was going to go for a two pocket jansport again but they didnt have any plain black ones and i’m not really into super distinctive bright patterned ones right now. i like to keep my backpacks chill, like myself. i like them to say ‘maybe you’ve seen me before, maybe you haven’t. i’m pretty easy going and i match with everything. so pretty much i’m awesome.’ yes. i put that much thought into it.
so i bought this guy. i think he will serve me well.
he even has a secret skateboard holder. which is good, due to all the skateboarding i do.
good news number three.
i got my room all moved in and decorated! i heart decorating so it was pretty exciting. even though i’m not half as creative as most people i like what i did. it kind of looks like my last room but with a few changes…
vogue magazine wall slash bed slash the killers [of course.]
my desk slash across the universe poster slash window where the campus is my backyard. 
my door slash shoes slash cristiano slash the temple which is the last thing i see out the door. 
my massive closet with twenty billion hangers slash audrey slash surprise posters. 
i found out that my fafsa went through and i have full tuition for fall and winter paid for. holy cow that makes me happy.
and she&him tonight! for free!
yeah. it’s been a pretty good week.


so… i say this approximately five times a day, give or take.
does that make me conceited?
i like to think not.
i spent so many years not thinking that highly of myself, i’m just making up for wasted time and wasted thoughts. and i think it’s so important for everyone to give themselves the credit they deserve.
i think barney stinson might have had something to do with it too…
here’s to being awesome.
now, hopefully i can keep thinking that in my tenth mile on friday…
oh yeah, my half marathon is in two days. woot. 

“what’s a motto?” “i dont know, what’s a motto with you?” ten points to whoever can guess that quote.


pre. school.

so school starts in a week [um, holy cow] and i’m just trying to live it up before then. and by living it up i mean hanging out, watching friends, working, and more hanging out. livin the life.
last week i went over to lauren’s and she made the most awesomely healthy looking salad i’ve ever seen. it also tasted awesome. plus and plus.

then i got to hang with these cuties. seriously. love them.

i’m awesome and left my keys in my scooter overnight. bless you, honest people of p town.

we went to a salt lake bees baseball game saturday night. lovvve baseball.

which was followed by a fireworks show. fireworks!

i’m gonna miss summer… but i’m ready for fall.


yes. another st g post.

i’ve gone home to st george a lot this summer, more than i usually do. i love seeing my family and it’s a nice getaway for sure. this weekend was probably my last trip there for a while but it definitely wasn’t any less eventful!
i made it just in time for one of my best friends from high school, anna’s wedding reception.
i hadn’t seen her in about a year and a half and now i wish i had! seeing her, i was reminded of how beautiful and fun and what a good friend she is. now she’s all hitched and dedicated to her husband. lesson: don’t take the good friends for granted.
and we got the old ward gang together for a quick pic.
after laying by the pool for an hour:
mom – whaddya wanna do?
me – i dunno. what do you wanna do?
mom – i dunno. what do you wanna do?
ah yes. that is the life.
we satisfied our sweet tooth and treated our literally hot bodies to some arctic circle cones.
and round two? i think so. you go momma.
picking up david from the movies. poor baby. we must have been a tad late
poor kids lost their water turtle in the desert and their parents are making it seem like there’s a chance they can find it.
oh wait.
one awkward phone call later revealed that it was in fact an old woman who had lost her pet turtle of 16 years. oh my…
and shopping of course! 
downeast. was 30. the tag said 25. got to the register and it was 15.
love when that happens.
 old navy. was 25. got it for 15.
 old navy. was 16. got it for 10.
 target. was 25. got it for… 25. what can i say, it looks great on me.
 target. i forget. but i like it. and stripes.
finally saw my returned missionary bestie, michael. i’m excited for him to come back to byu to party it up with me!
and i said bye to gina for the last time before she goes to college in virginia on monday.
was it a teary affair? of course not. 
did we pretend like it wasn’t happening? of course we did.
love st george. but it’s nice to be back in provo in my own [new] apartment.
kind of ready for school to start too. shh. don’t tell anyone i said that. and don’t remind me that i said those words in a month when i’m hating school and life.
ok. peace.

apple. tree, dad.

i want to thank my dad for the awesome trip we took! 
i had so much fun and am so grateful for your thirst for knowledge and adventure! you have given me the opportunity to experience so many things that people twice my age haven’t even experienced. i’m glad we got to spend “special time” together :)
i dedicate this video to you. ’cause it’s hilarious.

party in the tennessee.

we left st louis in the afternoon and headed toward nashville.
on the way i spotted this sign [please tell me you’ve seen this movie…] and more green trees.
i seriously love all the green and humidity.
we ran into a lot of construction and detours on the way but it turned out perfect because when we finally got to nashville we were able to tour the ocean way recording studio with my brother. a ton of big time stars have recorded there, i only wish i knew as much as trent so i could fully grasp the importance of that opportunity.
dinner at jack’s bbq. pulled pork, mac & cheese, and baked beans. way good.
please dont mind my sick nasty traveling face next to brooke’s perfection.
after dinner we walked around broadway and on the bridge across the river
the next morning after my run [man i am so good] and a super healthy smoothie made by trent, we went to pancake pantry. it was sooo good, i just about died.
as i was standing in line, i looked across the street and i saw this:
whoever recognizes this gets eight billion gold stars.
i literally said out loud ‘no way!’ when i saw it. it was pretty exciting.
we then made our way to the country music hall of fame. so so cool.
i may have spent almost an hour watching the taylor swift video…
we then rested in a park for bit and decided to go on a horse-drawn carriage tour!
somehow recovering from our brunch at pancake pantry, we went to dinner at cantina laredo. amazing mexican food and the freshest guacamole i’ve ever had!
trent and brooke. love them.
they then showed us music row and we stopped in front of studio b for a pic
the next morning we went to church and then headed to franklin. we had lunch at mellow mushroom and i pretty much didn’t eat for the rest of the day. because there was so much. and it was so good.
i ate a lot of food on this trip…
me and my big bro
trent: “ok ahlin, i guess you can have your picture with me…”
after lunch we went to a civil war battleground site in franklin. it was really interesting, i haven’t been to a civil war site in forever.
the carter house
the carnton plantation
after that we went back to trent and brooke’s and pretty much just packed and relaxed. way nice,
the next morning i flew back to p town and here i am, wondering how to begin my life again.
thanks so much for everything you guys! it was SO good to see you and where you live! love you!

i left my heart in st l

after i went on a run with jeff in the morning [it felt so crazy good. jeff’s a freaking beast], we got smoothies with dad and will and then headed to the anheuser-busch brewery. now, i’m not a huge beer fan, in fact, none of us drink, but it was still really interesting to see how much beer is made and consumed by this company alone.
so much beer.
jeff looking longingly at the beer. you can’t tell but he’s on his tip toes.
a german guy attempted to take our picture on the trolley. fail.
also, can we all just take a moment to ponder jeff’s beard and the thickness thereof.
we then ate at this suuuper cute place that was owned by my new friend, abbie’s, sister. i was seriously so inspired to start my own restaurant.
after that we somehow managed to eat frozen custard. yum. then it was off to the arch.
let me tell you something about my relationship with the st louis gateway arch.
i love it.
it’s pretty much the first monument i remember going to [when i was six] and i went again when i was 12 or 13. and i wasn’t any less excited to go to it for a third time. i didn’t even care about going to the top, i just wanted to see it in all its super tall glory again.
will tanning off the wall of the arch. jeff attempting to woo me with his muscles yet again. jeff then contemplating his life by the mississippi river once i turned him down. yet again.
we had some fun in the arch’s museum it too.
view from the foot of the arch to the city
drove by the cardinals‘ stadium
we then went to forest park, which is probably one of my new favorite places ever.
jeff still contemplating why on earth i would deny him.
after we visited the park we went to fitz’s, a really fun and yummy restaurant. we just about died from all the food. so good.
will went catatonic.
after we had stuffed ourselves of fried awesomeness we went back to jeff’s house and watched maverick. but not after will took me for a spin in his dad’s jaguar [love] and showed me the nearby temple.
seriously. such a great day. makes my favorite days list fo sho.

road trippin it up.

day one
provo to cheyenne, wyoming.
my dad is master driver. i’m pretty sure fifty percent of the time he was driving with one knee.
day two
cheyenne to omaha, nebraska.
after my run around cheyenne [yes. i ran on vacation. look at me go.] dad and i found this smoothie place which was so good we came back for lunch.
in front of the capital building.
we stopped in lincoln, nebraska.
this is as close as i can get to a college football player.
in front of the capital building. again.
day three
omaha to st louis.
we went to the winter quarters temple and visitors center. so amazing.
and daddy-o caught a butterfly.
that night we got to st louis aka jeffery justin cody johnson junior’s house.
but st l deserves its own post…