mr. flowers

remember how the killers are my favorite band of all time?
and how i love brandon flowers even more so than the killers?
if you don’t, you can refresh your memory here.

anyway. brandon decided that while the killers are taking a break [don’t worry, not a permanent one], he would make a solo album. and that he did.
sadly, it doesn’t come out until september. but, he did come out with a single last monday [the 21st. aka his birthday. aka the day after my birthday. aka we’re meant for each other].
so here i am. sharing it with you [because i obviously bought it the second i knew it was available. without even previewing it. and i love it].

don’t worry, there will be a follow up post come september about the whole album and brandon flowers in general. word.

happy friday!


One thought on “mr. flowers

  1. Ummmm, you have my eternal thanks for this post. I love him too, and I LOVE this song!!! I'm gonna go get it right now. Seriously, amazing.<3

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