priorities, guys.

this is my
‘i decided to watch friends this morning instead of shower’
hair pulled back in a miraculous bun [and totally not greasy…]
super flattering jeans [ha.]
zero make up [except mascara and sunscreen essentials. duh.]
killers t shirt [my fave. fo sho.]
my new flats that are targets version of toms [if only i had the real deal.]
i wonder if victoria b would approve…

ahlin’s special time with a r

weekend highlights:
hearing two beautiful new zealand accents for three days
reading the alchemist to adam ruri while he drove
blasting ‘black box’ by stan walker [we love those australian idol winners]
steering from the passenger’s seat while adam ate
steering from the passenger’s seat while adam read the alchemist [lasting about two seconds]
surprising my family by showing up in st george with zero warning
my mom tripping over gina’s skateboard when she saw me
watching the last airbender cartoon with my [not so little] brother for two hours [“what happened to appa?!”]
shopping with my mom, buying a pair of shoes and a six pack of hane’s boys v-necks
swimming in a sun-heated pool
feeling horrible when adam tripped over mose and scraped up his leg
running ten miles saturday morning
lots of napping
laying out in the 105 degree heat, while learning from posh spice
eating this massive burrito

cleaning the entire kitchen while my mom was gone [cause i’m the fave child. duh.]
just chillin
eating my weight in pizza and ben&jerry’s half baked ice cream [not smart, ahlin. thanks a lot r and c]
hanging out with my parents
watching ‘taken’ with them and my friends
sleeping in my old bed [possibly the most comfortable bed in the entire world]
sleeping in
going to church 
finding out my best friend from high school was playing the piano in sacrament meeting
going to relief society with my mom
getting new music from the home computer
eating my momma’s homemade bread before splitting
blasting efy music all the way home
learning adam’s deepest darkest secrets… [haha. jk. just kidding.]
being smothered with love by sm and lo
hot tubbing at lauren’s to make my sad sore muscles happy [ten miles guys. ten.]
getting seasons 7 and 8 from her [thank you for feeding my addiction lu. youda best]
cleaning my room slash organizing my life.
back in my bed
best weekend ever.
notice i watched zero ‘friends’ the entire weekend. kind of a big deal.

i heart utah.

when i first moved to utah at the tender age of 14 i was less than thrilled. but as months passed, i learned to love it. especially when i found out they had a holiday in july that no one else celebrated. july 24th, or pioneer day. if you work or are in school, you get the day off. and if it falls on a saturday or sunday we get friday or monday off
some people complain like ‘omg utah, why do you have another holiday, blah blah blah’ and i’m like ‘dude. you get school slash work off. and there are fireworks. and parades. stop complaining.’ 
i’m so excited for yet another lonnnnng weekend!
bless you utah and happy pioneer day!
check out mine and sarahmaines‘ pioneer day adventures last year

my weekends be happenin’

don’t you want to know what i did this weekend? ok good.
– friday i went swimming after work with sarahmaines and leslie. then we watched friends.
– i ran eight miles saturday morning! yeah, never done that before. it was pretty cool minus the rash i got on my thighs. it’s a’ight though. i be tough.
– we went to carrie and jason’s wedding reception. love those two. i’m so glad they got to be married in the temple for time and all eternity.
read slash see more about it here.

photo from sm

– i only made the best pizza ever. what up.

can you say healthy? super easy too. cause i didn’t make the dough. cheating? i don’t think so.
it’s boboli pizza crust. so so so good. really. try it.
on top: cheese, pineapple, tomatoes, red bell peppers, olives and cilantro. yummmy.
it only cooks for 8 to 10 minutes. say what?! yeah.

– then we watched friends. duh.
– after church on sunday sarah made this amazing greek dinner that leslie and i got to help with. sooo goood!
read slash see more about it here.

photo from lo
– i may or may not have finished season four of friends. and that may or may not be four seasons in two weeks that i’ve watched…

i love being me.
how was your weekend?

mr. flowers

remember how the killers are my favorite band of all time?
and how i love brandon flowers even more so than the killers?
if you don’t, you can refresh your memory here.

anyway. brandon decided that while the killers are taking a break [don’t worry, not a permanent one], he would make a solo album. and that he did.
sadly, it doesn’t come out until september. but, he did come out with a single last monday [the 21st. aka his birthday. aka the day after my birthday. aka we’re meant for each other].
so here i am. sharing it with you [because i obviously bought it the second i knew it was available. without even previewing it. and i love it].

don’t worry, there will be a follow up post come september about the whole album and brandon flowers in general. word.

happy friday!


she’s back!

i missed her so much.

for there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.

christina g. rossetti

[almost] the best day of my life.

yesterday was a special day. it’s the day my mom and gina and i got to pick niki up from the airport after being in europe for two months, gallivanting away. so i took the day off work to prepare for this momentous occasion. i ran [a rather difficult, for some reason] 4 miles, showered, and ate some einstein’s bagels. i heart einstein’s. cinnamon sugar bagel with shmear and a second one with honey butter please. thanks.

yummmy to my tummmy.
my madre is so cute.
gina hearts her post-wisdom-teeth-extraction meds.
after we got ready, napped a bit, read a bit, we left for the slc. we went to some mall, which is where all the fun began. gina and i ran off to victoria’s secret to take advantage of the 5 for $25 deal, as we do annually. after we were leaving the store with our goodies, the alarm went off. one of the workers went through gina’s bag and found a security thing on it. she got it removed and then we went to leave again when the alarm went off again! there were two more security things in gina’s bag but she was mainly bugged that the girl had to keep ‘rummaging through my intimates’. fer rills.
then we went to california pizza kitchen because we were starving little children who were starting to growl and snap instead of smile and laugh. we walked in to behold that 90% of the male waiters were extremely attractive. like it was so noticeable we decided it had to be part of the criteria of being a waiter there. especially this strapping young man.
yeah. i went there. i dont know if he noticed me staring at him the entire time that i was there but. oh man. his hair
i wanted to touch it. really. bad.
anyway, we ordered and then waited for the food. our conversation:
g “if you’re going to document something on your effing blog, it should be scrabble.” 
[dont worry, she said effing, not the actual word]
a “what i’m documenting is that quote.”
g “what quote?”
a “what you just said.”
g “that’s not a quote. it’s my life.”
a …laughing…
g “dont quote that!”
we shared a lettuce wrap[so good] because gina had never had one and i really wanted it. then gina got some ravioli and i went for something new, the buffalo chicken pizza. pretty good fo sho.
carrots and celery on my pizza. i be healthy.

gina had one ravioli left that she didnt want to eat because she was full but our waiter, cliff, was throwing a hilarious fit because she wouldnt just eat it. so he took her plate and put the single piece of ravioli in a plastic cup container. it was so funny.
cliff thought we were hilarious and crazy. first we didnt want soda, just water. then gina wouldnt finish her food. then we didnt want any dessert. so of course we had to get a [few] picture[s] with him.
middle pic: cliff “this is my girlfriend of the day.” not awkward at all.

we then went to nordstrom to meet up with momma where she was finding makeup so we looked at shoes and purses and hats and accessories when we realized… crap! niki’s flight lands in 40 minutes! so we ran to the car and booked it [maybe with a detour or two] to the airport. gina and i ran in while mom parked the car. niki thought it was just me coming so we were excited to surprise her with all three of us. we even made signs.
here i am. waiting like a puppy dog for niki to come out. gina and mom were off to the side so niki wouldnt see them.
so we got there in time and waited for her to walk out. and waited. and waited. and waited.
after about 30 minutes or so of waiting, my mom gets a call from niki saying she’s still in san francisco where she was supposed to change flights! what?! oh dont worry, she had tried calling me but i left my phone in provo. did i not mention that before? yeah, totally the worst day to leave it there. boo.
so not only did our surprise plan not really work out but i have to wait until after work to see her now! i guess if i go to bed it will go by faster…
but yeah. that was my day. hemp necklace.