the great outdoors.

i was waiting to get some pics from leslie before posting about the weekend but i decided i could do without. i may or may not be a lazy person.
friday night a huge group from our ward went to the manti pagaent. it was pretty great, it pretty much made me want to go read my scriptures for an hour.
after that me, sarahmaines, leslie, adam ruri and a few other people went camping at a local park. instead of going to the trouble of setting up tent we decided to sleep under the stars. it was so beautiful and fun, even if it started to rain for a couple minutes haha. sarah and i talked and talked and ended up going to bed at 4 only to rise with the sun around 6:30. was there such thing as sleeping in back in the day?
we got up, ate some provided pancakes and eggs for a mere 4 dollars and then went a couple towns over to visit a friend of adam’s and go on a hike. it was very eventful [dancing and singing and bones, oh my!]. after that we went to a local pool, swam, hung out and made it back home in time to witness the end of the usa’s 2010 world cup career. sad face.
i then took a nap and visited my sister lauren where we bonded over scrapbook paper and our love/hate relationship with running. it was good to get a bit pumped up by her before i did a [i think my first] 4 mile run. woot woot. go me.
then sarahmaines and leslie and i proceeded to watch the notebook [maybe or maybe not in the deserted 203…]
that adds up to a great weekend in my book! if i’m not lazy and decide to get the pictures of our adventure from leslie, i’ll post em. but for now, just go to her blog. word.

this i stole from her blog. because i heart it. and it be cool. i spy some awesome peeps in brad’s stunnas.


sing to my soul.

this man has gotten me through a lot of bad as well as good times. i discovered him about two years ago at the midnight release of breaking dawn [oh yes. i was there.] ever since i’ve been to about five of his shows and he still never ceases to amaze me.
i think his music is really good but his covers are always phenomenal. he’s come out with three covers albums that you can find on itunes, some of my favorites are across the universe [the beatles], the district sleeps alone tonight [the postal service], hide and seek [imogen heap], starlight [muse], and, as introduced by sarahmaines, hallelujah [leonard cohen].
here’s just a taste:
starlight cover with benton paul. i was at this show and i just fell in love with both of them all over again.

this is a medley he made using the same three chords or something. it’s pretty great.
this is probably one of my favorite songs he wrote. so great.
seriously guys, check him out. have a great weekend!

deep thought of the week

as i was running the other day [btdubs i will probably talk about running a lot for the next couple months since it’s pretty much my entire summer] and as i was listening to my work out playlist [maybe i’ll post about my pump up tunes sometime] and contemplating life as i know it, i had a little bit of a deep thought.
i thought it was interesting how
running downhill is easier to do but harder on your body
and running uphill is harder but better for you. 
i kinda related it to life. 
the easy things may not be the best things for you and can even harm you
when you do what’s tough, it strengthens you and
you become a better person and a better version of yourself
because of it.
yep. that’s all.
image via weheartit


so… i’m not gonna lie.
i love my birthday.
like, a lot.
i don’t really understand when others don’t care about their birthday.
so dear future husband.
always make a big deal about my birthday.

anyway, for my birthday, we decided to make it a two day event. on saturday, leslie, sarahmaines, rob and will took me to j-dawgs [a really amazing hot dog joint by the byu]. we ate and sat outside and talked and laughed and took pictures. then we went to cold stone and got me some peanut butter perfection [my faaave].
then i went to best buy and dinner [thai evergreen! i heart thai food] with my dad. i got me some movies and new scriptures. thanks so much dad! after that i went back and hung out with the crew.

sunday i went to church [and my dad came with me to sacrament meeting. fun fun]. then i had to say good bye to my boys [very sad] and went to the rest of church [with an awesome lesson on the atonement]. after church my dad came over and i fixed us up some lunch before we went back to my sister’s for a nap. i kind of chilled, cleaned my room, visited with some friends until around 4:30 when i went over to lauren’s for dinner. she made yummy fajitas and a cake for my birthday! it was so nice to be with them on my birthday and to be with my dad on father’s day. love you long time.
after that i went back to my apt in time for ward prayer where i was sung to and whatnot. adam ruri even made me a cake! i heart my friends.

lauren giving me my yummy yummy cake. twenty candles baby! count em.
i was really excited to blow out my candle’s. for some reason i had totally forgotten about that part!
luci and cason with ben. they love their dad fo sho.
father slash grandpa with daughters slash grandkids.
happy father’s day dad! i be twenty.
overall i’d say it was a great birthday! thanks everyone!
check out some of my birthday posts: gina, lauren, leslie. i’m telling you guys, i LOVE my birthday.