my heart is yours to fill or burst

ok. poll time.
favorite episodes: eight o’clock at the oasisthey shoot gilmores don’t they?
or logan?
favorite episodes: you jump i jump jack, partings
ugh this is so hard. i love them both. and their hair. their hair is to die for.
oh, i’m sorry, dean who?

15 thoughts on “my heart is yours to fill or burst

  1. Jess. while Logan is madly attractive and totally loaded, Jess is the good hearted rebel, with the surprise literary element that makes him perfect for Roary. jess. jess jess jess a thousand times JESS!!

  2. So funny you should post about Gilmore Girls. I just finished the last episode of the last season (so sad) after re-watching them all these past few weeks. I'm a big Logan fan ;)

  3. Logan. Yes, Jess is incredibly good looking, but so is Logan AND Logan isn't a complete jerk. He had his moments yes, but overall, much more of a sweeter guy than Jess.

  4. OMG JESS!!!!!i tell anyone who will listen how much i love Jess. He is amazing amazing amazing, i don't even have words!your blog is awesome! :)

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