love me some iron men.

iron man was a success
and no worries, i got my friend jeffery justin cody johnson junior and his pal steve to come with me. 
here i am with the iron man himself. fine, it’s corey. but still. i be cool.
last night, after rob schooled me in soccer, we went to our ward’s intramural soccer game. we got to hang with provo’s own b-money and watch some david beckham action sans david beckham. dang it.
best part of my night? probably switching vehicles with corey. he and romney took my scooter (which was quite the sight to see, let me tell you) while me and sarah took his super nice, super fast acura.
i have a need for speed.

3 thoughts on “love me some iron men.

  1. yeah quality quality. oh man the soccer game was so sweet and I wouldn't say I "schooled" you. You scored on me like all the time haha. you gotta use that talent for good Ahlin!

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