seriously guys.

last week was possibly the craziest week of my life.
it includes but is not limited to:

driving back to p town.
moving my stuff slowly but surely into my new apt (yeah i moved to a different apartment complex but it’s still in the same ward i was in before. which means i still have friends. cool. pics to come soon.)
starting my psychology of gender class. 9 am baby. woot woot.
working all day tuesday wednesday thursday.
unpacking all of my clothes before opening my closet and finding out i have zero drawers of any sort to put my pants and such. super cool.
going to my friend corey’s birthday dinner at california pizza kitchen. yummm.
going to walmart and buying super awesome plastic drawers.
oh and i’m sorry snow, who invited you?
my family coming into town!
waking up at 6 am for niki’s 8 am graduation. awwwesome.
pretty much spending all of friday with my family: eating. talking. taking pictures. watching penelope and fantastic mr. fox.
watching the jazz game (um of course i totally knew they were in the playoffs and it’s a huge deal….)
getting free smoothies at mcdonalds.
sleeping in on saturday. finally.
going to magleby’s for all you can eat french toast. soooo goood.
helping niki pack.
shopping! (totally did some serious damage at forever and nordstrom.)
ate at zupa’s with my mom and sarahmaines.
hanging out with the peeps.
church. (looking for the new boys people…)
watching star wars. (love me some episode 1 obi-wan and episode 2 anikin. mmmm…)
going to niki’s house for the most delicious birthday dinner i’ve ever had. and it wasn’t even my birthday.
unexpectedly sleeping over at niki’s house. (who doesn’t love the feeling of sleeping in your clothes, contacts, make up and all?)

that was my attempt to shorten my super busy week view for you. apparently it didn’t work.
no worries, for all that reading you get some pics!

hope the start of your week was awe and then some.

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