driving slow on sunday morning

today after church i went to my grandma’s house and then we went to my grandpa’s grave.
i haven’t visited it in years so it was really nice.
my grandpa died when i was two so i didn’t really know him. but nanny was telling me some fun stories about when they dated, like how he wouldn’t talk to her for the first couple months of college because he had to get an A in chemistry. my nan, lessa, the distracting young fox. so great.
isn’t she so cute?! i love her so much.

an ode to my snister. my bestie. my soul.

i remember that day (not really), so long ago, when you were born- one year six months and three days after me. i was waiting for you because frankly, we had a lot to get done. such as:
– wearing matching outfits 24/7
– getting confused as twins 24/7
– making up endless games such as animal wrestling
– schooling our neighbors in roller hockey and basketball
forming a band in middle school called ‘punkt’
– sharing a room for 90% of our lives
sharing a bed for 3 months
fighting over sharing a car for 6 months
– standing in a [nonexistent] line for the book eclipse opening day
seeing tegan and sara in concert and never being the same
– getting separated from each other for the first time when i went to college
– showing up to trent’s wedding in the exact same outfit
– going through phases of not talking for weeks at a time to talking every single day

we are still checking things on our snister to do list, like:
– sharing music slash hotties slash movies like it’s nobody’s business
– taking some great pics together
– going through super awkward chubs stages (do they ever end?)
staying up late (or waking up early) and talking
– getting each other addicted to anything and everything
– arguing over who is the favorite child (i seriously am though)
sharing the bed when i visit
– applying gilmore girls in every aspect of our lives
– gmail video chatting it up
– you writing songs and me listening to you play them
– being the personal photographer at each other’s graduations
– having people mix us up. still.

there are so many things that have yet to be done:
– going somewhere awesome, just the two of us, like europa or nyc
– being university graduates
living next to each other on the east coast
– marrying some serious hotties with great hair who will obviously be besties
– raising some crazy kids with great hair who will also be besties
– going on family vacations that will top all other family vacations
buying super nice cars when we’re old and rich
– people getting us confused even more when we both have silver hair

i love you snister. 
you are my bestie. you are my soul.

i don’t know what i’m going to do when you move to virginia. probably die.
part of me is made of glass. and also, i love you. –the history of love

back to the the st g.

i came back to st george for my snister’s graduation and to stay for the long weekend.
i got some cafe rio with my dad and brother before they headed out to san diego.
i love that his tie is tucked in to his shirt. so efficient.
i love my baby bro. he just finished his freshman year and i keep thinking he needs to clear his throat but really his voice is just deeper. weird. the things that happen while you’re away at college…
mmmmmm…..lovvve me some cafe rio pork salad.

funny funny fb.

some of you may remember me quitting facebook a little over a month ago and i’m not gonna lie it’s been pretty nice and very liberating. but it has come to my attention that apparently i have been missed on fb because, as we were sitting in my apartment sunday night discussing life and such, somehow an idea came up that a facebook group should be made to get me to join again.
if one million people join, ahlin will come back to facebook.

with zero hesitation to this fab idea, the number cutoff was discussed with talk of 200 people, 50 people [thanks guys, i’m pretty sure i have more than fifty friends in this world] and they finally settled on 100.
then they officially named the group: join the ahlin care foundation!
explanation: if 100 people join, ahlin will come back to facebook!
then they started making bets on how fast it would get to 100 members. stuart says next sunday. ouch stuart. that hurts. romney says thursday. thank you romney. that does not hurt. as much. i will have you know that within about .2 seconds of the group being made, someone had already joined and written on the wall [granted it was jeffery justin cody johnson junior… what can i say, the kid loves me] and an hour later there are already 14 members. what up.

romney, stuart, and corey were all arguing about who’s idea it was and what they wanted their administrator names to be.
end results: 
stuart- ceo of ahlin
romney- stuart’s boss/group bouncer
jeffery- ahlin awareness advocate
leslie- international relations
sarahmaines- the troy to ahlin’s abed [community anyone?]
corey decided he wants to be the 100th group member. nice.
i took some videos on my phone of them arguing but i dont know how to upload them. and i think they’re really only entertaining to me. so you’re welcome.
this is both hilarious and flattering. thank you friends.

‘how can something so delicious be bad for you?’

friday consisted of acing a test, working, cafe rio, ultimate frisbee and hiding from the last half of the ring
i hate scary movies. with a passion.
rob discovered this place across from target so we decided to try it out.
chocolate covered, reese’s dipped frozen banana on a stick. 
it was pretty darn tasty.
yay for friends and fridays.
i’m not gonna lie…
i’m blogging this at 2:30 in the morning because i’m too scared to go to sleep and none of my roommates are home.
did i mention i hate scary movies?
i just watched the season finale of community (??!!?!!? [translation: whaaaaat?!]) on hulu. 
hopefully that will wash out the image of the creepy girl crawling out of the tv. bleh.

mi casa es awesome

here are some shots of my new room. i’m so in love with this apartment. my own room, washer/dryer, parking spot, two minute walk to campus… does it get any better? i submit that it does not.
i heart movie posters. and i think everyone needs some audrey in their lives.
yes. that is all 4 seasons of lois and clark and seasons 6 and 7 of gilmore girls.
oh hello massive closet that fits all my clothes and more.
too many shoes? i think not.


my [sister’s] car got booted. emphasis on the boo.
luckily it was a mistake because they couldn’t see my sticker through the super tinted back window.
and they were there in minutes to take it off.
sarahmaines and i were hoping for a hunky hot boot taker off-er to show up. but alas….
oh well. maybe next time. no.

notice the high quality pics. thank you camera phone. again.