all my bags are packed.

after totally not stressing about packing my entire life and cleaning my apartment, 
everything is done and it is time to go home for the weekend before i come back for spring term 
(yay for starting school again less than a week after finals).
i’m going to st george for the weekend with sarahmaines
on our to do list:
soak up the 80 degree weather
take lots of pictures
watch penelope and new york doll
go to a family ward for church
i’m thinkin some good food is in order…
laundry. duh.
getting a haircut. woot woot.
sleep. hopefully in a bed.
also. my family is really excited to spend some quality time with their favorite 
daughter slash sister slash aunt.
btdub, my sister took that above picture in front of my brother’s house in st g. she’s freaking amazing.

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