you are what you eat? crap.

so sarahmaines and i have been meaning to go to tommy’s since february.
february 25th to be exact.
yes. this is the one, the same tommy’s that the rockstar herself came to on her visit to our humble p town.
jjcjj (that’s short for jeffery something something johnson junior [the kid has two middle names. we had to use that to our advantage.{wow tangent much}]) graced us with his presence and even put up with our references to the rockstar (who he definitely knows nothing about).
sarahmaines and i are pretty awesome, i’m not gonna lie. and i have very ladylike, graceful, super sexy eating habits. 
word is bond.
(can you see my attempt at a wink? wrong. i will definitely be working on that…)
i approve.
that was freaking delicious. i think we will definitely be making it a summer hot spot
we still need to go back and try the hot dogs…

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