the weather is on my side.

to sum up my weekend:

three finals down, two itty bitty papers to go.
apartment 203- i kind of live there. don’t tell the honor code office.
sunnnnnn. yes.
the scooter is up and running again!
sleeping in…..mmmmm
last day of church for the semester. same ward for spring/summer though!
helped my friend with his new blog.
visiting teaching (woot woot!)
saw the niece and nephew (and my sister of course ;)
helped heartthrob rob pick out and buy cologne. the final choice: calvin klein’s euphoria for men. i am so not biased and euphoria is totally not my perfume of choice… oh wait.
a pretty great weekend, i’m not gonna lie.
how was yours?
this is the scoot scoot
pretty sure he could eat all other scooters out there, as well as some small motorcycles

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