sleeping.eating.winning.talking.playing.watching. calls for a great day.

sleeping in. needed that.
eating lunch with my dad at kneaders. soooo good.

turkey bacon avocado. mmmm. and look! the sun was shining all day too!

winning “most creative” at my work’s coloring contest. what up.

it says 
dear super cool magical diary, i’ve never told anyone this but i am a closet slytherin fan. when i was asking the sorting hat to not put me in slytherin, it was only because i didnt realize the awesomeness of it. all i want is to be besties with draco. but alas, i still have to save the world from voldie, so no one will ever know. i hope ginny never finds out… love, hp. 
i know. i’m hilarious.

talking to my brother and sister-in-law in nashville. miss them.

i haven’t seen them in almost two years! :(

playing catch at my awesome ward activity. good times.
watching some benchwarmers. freaking hilarious.

not a bad day if you ask me.


4 thoughts on “sleeping.eating.winning.talking.playing.watching. calls for a great day.

  1. not a bad day at all!!lunch with dad is always the best! especially if they treat!!and how cute is your drawing.. congrats on the win!you must must must come to nashville!! its simply the best!!

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