saturday i watched the first half hour of general conference (which i am catching up on as i type. yay for the internet!) and then went to help jess with her film from 11 to 6 pm. 
for a little girls night out while the men went to priesthood session, we saw dear john (verdict: i liked it. sad. duh. but channing tatum is so worth the two hours and money.) 
before we left, we definitely did not put these signs on the doors of the boys in our ward while they were at the priesthood session. it is not a tradition i have brought with me to byu. and it was definitely not fun.
sunday was so great and relaxing. i slept in til about ten and then went over to apt 203 with sarahmaines and watched general conference with the boys. i love conference so much. it really brings this life and what is important into perspective. we went on a nice walk between sessions, even though it had snowed the night before (dear provo. it’s april. just sayin.) 
after the last session, we all went to sarahmaines’ family’s house in alpine and had a delicious dinner and stimulating conversation. sometimes it is really refreshing to be in an established home instead of an apartment…
overall a great weekend! and now my snister is here for the tegan and sara concert and i’m excited to see her.
to watch some of conference, click here.

5 thoughts on “tradition….TRADITION!

  1. Woot!! We had a lot of fun. Great weekend. great times. and I couldn't help but notice how comfy you looked asleep on the couch haha

  2. that's a great tradition! Also.. you just received another award ;) I guess I can do that–I'm not exactly sure how the system works, but I you should know I love your blog!

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