how we do.

so…. my family kind of loves quoting things. movies, music, each other, whatever. so obviously we had to show each other all the snl videos we love and then subsequently quote them to each other the entire weekend. family bonding = gathered around the computer watching snl clips over and over. we be cool.
95% of this weekend’s conversation:

“word is bond”
“what it do”
“how much time do you have? she’s a laugher, her advice is consistent…”
swing by. say hi. she’s real down to earth. remembers names”
“she’s that vision in the corner”
“hey skinny”
“uh oh, where’d those pores go? seriously mom, your skin’s amazing”
“with my by myself”

this one is just freaking hilarious. sarahmaines and i were dying laughing. just so many things to say about it, i don’t even know where to begin…


’cause the party don’t start ’til i walk in.

so sarahmaines and i went to st george this weekend for a little relaxation getaway time before spring term started up… 
and it was a definite success.
sarahmaines in front of my house. yes that is a palm tree. yes we are still in utah. what up.
this is dave’s truck. yes it has flames. he sold it while i was there so i got to get one last look. isn’t it beautiful? i think so.
us in front of the st george temple, one of my faves.
i love to see the temple. i am so going there someday.
sarahmaines likes to celebrate earth day everyday.
my dog mose. short for moses. he’s so cute. and craaazy.
we are too cool for school. so we laid out. soakin’ up that 80 degree sun. yummm.
[please no comment on my red hair and pale freckled skin. thanks.]
pools are fun. goal for the summer: go swimming at least once a week. totally doable.

we also did some shopping, some sleeping, some [ok a lot] snl viewing, some movie watching [the back up plan: not a fan. but i still love j lo. and alex o’laughlin is a freakin babe. seriously. major eye candy.] some hair cutting, some talking, some hanging out with the fam, some eating, but not a lot of picture taking… i’ve discovered i forget to take pictures sometimes. oh well.
fantastic weekend. now back to the grind

all my bags are packed.

after totally not stressing about packing my entire life and cleaning my apartment, 
everything is done and it is time to go home for the weekend before i come back for spring term 
(yay for starting school again less than a week after finals).
i’m going to st george for the weekend with sarahmaines
on our to do list:
soak up the 80 degree weather
take lots of pictures
watch penelope and new york doll
go to a family ward for church
i’m thinkin some good food is in order…
laundry. duh.
getting a haircut. woot woot.
sleep. hopefully in a bed.
also. my family is really excited to spend some quality time with their favorite 
daughter slash sister slash aunt.
btdub, my sister took that above picture in front of my brother’s house in st g. she’s freaking amazing.

you are what you eat? crap.

so sarahmaines and i have been meaning to go to tommy’s since february.
february 25th to be exact.
yes. this is the one, the same tommy’s that the rockstar herself came to on her visit to our humble p town.
jjcjj (that’s short for jeffery something something johnson junior [the kid has two middle names. we had to use that to our advantage.{wow tangent much}]) graced us with his presence and even put up with our references to the rockstar (who he definitely knows nothing about).
sarahmaines and i are pretty awesome, i’m not gonna lie. and i have very ladylike, graceful, super sexy eating habits. 
word is bond.
(can you see my attempt at a wink? wrong. i will definitely be working on that…)
i approve.
that was freaking delicious. i think we will definitely be making it a summer hot spot
we still need to go back and try the hot dogs…

4 is the new 20.

today is my niece’s birthday!
she’s turning 4 but miss sassypants is far beyond her years.
jade has taught her well.
this makes me laugh. really. hard.
yes jade. this picture of your child is on the internet for all the world to see. bahahaha.
some older pics…
love you laken! 
can’t wait to see you this weekend babygirl!

hindsight is 20/20.

dear self,
do you see these two bottles? they don’t look that different right?

notice that one has a red cap, self. what does red usually mean? i’ll give you some examples:
wrong answer.
self, we should know by now that we should always read everything, not skim. from emails to test instructions, we have learned the hard way that skimming words just doesn’t work.
at least, we should have learned.
if we had gotten it into our beautiful head, we would have noticed the bold print on the red-capped bottle says 
3% hydrogen peroxide 
and, being the smart person that we are, we would not have soaked our contact lenses in it all night and then proceeded to put one in our left eye which resulted in an instant burning sensation and a sudden scream of pain (rudely interrupting sarahmaines’ story).
hey self. it’s ok. i forgive you. we still did really well on the two finals we took that day. let’s just get in the habit of reading labels and such things now, cool?
love, ahlin


the weather is on my side.

to sum up my weekend:

three finals down, two itty bitty papers to go.
apartment 203- i kind of live there. don’t tell the honor code office.
sunnnnnn. yes.
the scooter is up and running again!
sleeping in…..mmmmm
last day of church for the semester. same ward for spring/summer though!
helped my friend with his new blog.
visiting teaching (woot woot!)
saw the niece and nephew (and my sister of course ;)
helped heartthrob rob pick out and buy cologne. the final choice: calvin klein’s euphoria for men. i am so not biased and euphoria is totally not my perfume of choice… oh wait.
a pretty great weekend, i’m not gonna lie.
how was yours?
this is the scoot scoot
pretty sure he could eat all other scooters out there, as well as some small motorcycles

sleeping.eating.winning.talking.playing.watching. calls for a great day.

sleeping in. needed that.
eating lunch with my dad at kneaders. soooo good.

turkey bacon avocado. mmmm. and look! the sun was shining all day too!

winning “most creative” at my work’s coloring contest. what up.

it says 
dear super cool magical diary, i’ve never told anyone this but i am a closet slytherin fan. when i was asking the sorting hat to not put me in slytherin, it was only because i didnt realize the awesomeness of it. all i want is to be besties with draco. but alas, i still have to save the world from voldie, so no one will ever know. i hope ginny never finds out… love, hp. 
i know. i’m hilarious.

talking to my brother and sister-in-law in nashville. miss them.

i haven’t seen them in almost two years! :(

playing catch at my awesome ward activity. good times.
watching some benchwarmers. freaking hilarious.

not a bad day if you ask me.


i always did love a man in a suit.

mad men. my new guilty pleasure.
my sister introduced slash got me obsessed with this show at the most opportune time of my life (no i did not watch seven episodes on sunday when i should have been studying for my living prophets final). 
i may have deleted fb, but now i have mr. don draper to distract me.
but. do i really have to convince you to watch it after you’ve seen this face?
i think not.
and you haven’t even heard his voice yet…