you swim like you’re on fire

song for this post. colorful by rocco deluca & the burden.

so friday we drove past east high school (yeah… it’s the high school where hsm was filmed) drove past being the key words. boo. boo on boys. then we got some pizza (we were so hungry that rob stole the untouched breadsticks off the couples plate that left next to us and we ate them like they were the last edible thing on earth. don’t judge.) after which we went to the gymnastics meet! it was really cool, we have few girls in our ward on the team and they are seriously the coolest cutest girls ever. another interesting fact: the attendance at this gym meet was a ncaa record! cool.
ok, now for what you have all (actually, i dont know) been waiting for…
the holi krishna colors festival!
this is a festival that happens every year at the same time at the holi krishna temple in spanish fork, ut. it is a celebration pretty much all day with music and food and such but at a certain time (actually two times), you all throw colored chalk. 
and magic happens.
actually i don’t know about that, but it is really cool! see for yourself! (brace for pics…)
so many people!
this is what it looked like while the powder was being thrown. you could barely see the person next to you! good thing i had a mask and my shades. kudos to katie for the cool pics.
word g man.
me and katie looking tough. look how cool my hair is!
the colorful gang. this guy was kind of in charge of the whole thing i think. he kept talking about peace and stuff. 
kinda crazy, but cool :)
this guy was taking his traffic directing job waaay too seriously. we just had to get a picture of him.
check out that policeman ‘stache!
i only got slightly obsessed with taking pictures of myself in the car.

and outside.
and at home.
so if your ever in this neck of the woods around the end of march, i would seriously suggest coming joining in the colors festival!

8 thoughts on “you swim like you’re on fire

  1. hahahaha i love your "outside" pictures … those are most excellent.seriously looks like it was so fun..and i was for sure there .. in holi krishna spirit. whatever that is.and we will make our way up to east high. one day, one day.

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