just an awesome preview of my awesome weekend.

we’ve got east high.
(actually. this is as close as i got. the boys i was with wouldn’t stop the car. they just don’t understand…)
we’ve got gymnastics.
and we’ve got the colors festival.
what did you do this weekend?

9 thoughts on “just an awesome preview of my awesome weekend.

  1. haha so basically everything you wrote about I was a part of including the east high thing. yeah sorry about that. maybe another time?

  2. east high is the high school musical school right? im gonna sound like a crazed teeny bopper if its not… eek! no idea what the colour festival is but damn it looks like you had fun!!! Tell us more :)

  3. hi! :Dsounds like a great weekend.the colors festival sounds like a lot of fun!aww I wish I could have gone.I am now following you, follow me too yah?thanks.:)

  4. Hi. Your blog is darling. Also, I went to the color festival and LOVED it. Best thing of my life? MaybeAlso, my roommate from last year is a BYU gymnast. So, what I'm saying, is that you and I should be blog friends.

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