we be cool.

i get by with a little help from my friends.
rachel’s hoppppppin birthday party. cowboy up!
getting some subzero. before remember me round two. with codi. who is stealing some toppings. not really.
sarahmaines and i made food. pancakes and eggs (which were pretty delicious, i’m not gonna lie). and it was warm[er] outside. so we ate outside. with some ambiance tunes. aka ingrid michaelson. and lykke li. and kt tunstall.

2 thoughts on “we be cool.

  1. 1) you are correct. we are cool.2) i like your recent format song addition.3) are you really taking pictures of yourself eating outside? yes shane, we are.4) i like how stylish we are. you and your hippie headband, me and my side "loose" braid. riiiiight on, biff.

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