redeemed. ish.

so remember this post? yeah. i totally redeemed myself.
i don’t know how i feel about it though…

situation: i’m in the library and there’s guy who is quite good-looking sitting kind of by me. i keep remembering my cafe rio incident so i decide to take action this time…

plan: i write cute guy a note that says

you’re extremely attractive
just so you know :)
[insert my number here]
action: i proceed to get up, check myself in the bathroom (not my hottest looking day but i‘m still fine), walk up to him with 
an awkward ‘hi’ [from me], 
an awkward look [from him], 
an awkward ‘here’ [from me], 
an awkward ‘thanks’ [from him], 
an awkward ‘yeah…’ [from me], and then i walk away without a second glance back.
follow up: i was laughing out loud to myself on the way to institute in the marb. i didn’t really expect anything, but it was fun and i didn’t feel that same lame regret i did from cafe rio. but about a half hour later i get a text from an unknown number that says
thanks haha. my name is [his name here]
reaction: whaaaaaat????? was not expecting that. was slightly freaking out. was at a loss at what to say. so the ever so cool and suave ahlin texts back
you’re welcome :) my name’s ahlin
should i have said more? probably. did he text back? nah. but it’s whatever.
it’s not over though.
i had to go back to the library to work on a paper and, lo and behold, he’s still there! that’s only slightly awkward… so i just do my studying and kind of ignore him, especially when he walks past me once or twice. i made sure to have like five encyclopedias right by me so he knew i had to be in that section, i couldn’t go anywhere else.
we didn’t talk. but it’s cool. now he has my number. and my name. and i’m pretty sure if you search just ‘ahlin’ on facebook, i am the only one who comes up who isn’t [fully] swedish and ahlin is there as a first name, not as a last name [ahlin is a swedish surname. cool parents].
and if somehow he finds this
hey. what up. call me.

thoughts? questions? comments? please.

10 thoughts on “redeemed. ish.

  1. Wow that is so bold! I so wish I could so something like that but I just am not that bold. I think it's totally great! Maybe he was just intimidated by your bold move and once he gets over it he'll text you again or find you on facebook!

  2. This story made me squeal like one of those annoying squealy girls! This is the best thing EVER! You two will have the best story to tell your children!! :D :D :Dxxxx

  3. very cute story :) and gutsy…good on you!! i'm so glad you commented on my blog or i never would have stumbled upon yours…it's beautiful! looking foward to browsing through some more of it!

  4. you go girl!!! i would never ever in a million years have the guts to do that!! I really really really hope he finds this post!! ahhhh its just all so cute :) fingers crossed for you lovely x

  5. "cool, my name is (his name) too! no it's not. it's ahlin, stupid!""let's hang out. i promise to make it worth your while!"hahahaha. best advice ever.also, this story is why i love you.among other reasons.

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