go speed racer

right now i’m watching speed racer and painting my nails. with all the colors and the fumes, a deadly combo. but i do like this movie.
anyway, as promised, i give you… the black duck! please tell me this is unusual. i have never seen a black duck, let alone around the duck pond i’ve been walking past every day for the past year.

wow i just realized that emile hirsch aka speed racer kinda looks like leonardo dicaprio. i think leo is bit sexier though
what do you think?
ok so my sister has entered a photography contest. it would mean so much if you guys would vote for her photos! seriously it will take two seconds
go here for more info.
so i almost died a few times wearing these beauties to school today.
it was my attempt to be feminine and awesome. they are pretty hawt. but when i was walking down the stairs from my apartment my heel caught and sarahmaines quite literally caught me as i fell down three stairs. not my proudest moment…
alright. peace. i seriously think this movie and this lincoln park after dark nail polish is getting to me.

5 thoughts on “go speed racer

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment :DI have never seen a completely black duck before! And those shoes are just gorgeous. Sometimes risking your life is worth it! Look forward to reading more of your blog x

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