you swim like you’re on fire

song for this post. colorful by rocco deluca & the burden.

so friday we drove past east high school (yeah… it’s the high school where hsm was filmed) drove past being the key words. boo. boo on boys. then we got some pizza (we were so hungry that rob stole the untouched breadsticks off the couples plate that left next to us and we ate them like they were the last edible thing on earth. don’t judge.) after which we went to the gymnastics meet! it was really cool, we have few girls in our ward on the team and they are seriously the coolest cutest girls ever. another interesting fact: the attendance at this gym meet was a ncaa record! cool.
ok, now for what you have all (actually, i dont know) been waiting for…
the holi krishna colors festival!
this is a festival that happens every year at the same time at the holi krishna temple in spanish fork, ut. it is a celebration pretty much all day with music and food and such but at a certain time (actually two times), you all throw colored chalk. 
and magic happens.
actually i don’t know about that, but it is really cool! see for yourself! (brace for pics…)
so many people!
this is what it looked like while the powder was being thrown. you could barely see the person next to you! good thing i had a mask and my shades. kudos to katie for the cool pics.
word g man.
me and katie looking tough. look how cool my hair is!
the colorful gang. this guy was kind of in charge of the whole thing i think. he kept talking about peace and stuff. 
kinda crazy, but cool :)
this guy was taking his traffic directing job waaay too seriously. we just had to get a picture of him.
check out that policeman ‘stache!
i only got slightly obsessed with taking pictures of myself in the car.

and outside.
and at home.
so if your ever in this neck of the woods around the end of march, i would seriously suggest coming joining in the colors festival!

widen your heart’s scope

let us be in love
let’s do old and gray
i won’t make you cry
i will never stray
i will do my part
let us be in love tonight
a white demon love song by the killers

photo via i am the crime

we be cool.

i get by with a little help from my friends.
rachel’s hoppppppin birthday party. cowboy up!
getting some subzero. before remember me round two. with codi. who is stealing some toppings. not really.
sarahmaines and i made food. pancakes and eggs (which were pretty delicious, i’m not gonna lie). and it was warm[er] outside. so we ate outside. with some ambiance tunes. aka ingrid michaelson. and lykke li. and kt tunstall.

redeemed. ish.

so remember this post? yeah. i totally redeemed myself.
i don’t know how i feel about it though…

situation: i’m in the library and there’s guy who is quite good-looking sitting kind of by me. i keep remembering my cafe rio incident so i decide to take action this time…

plan: i write cute guy a note that says

you’re extremely attractive
just so you know :)
[insert my number here]
action: i proceed to get up, check myself in the bathroom (not my hottest looking day but i‘m still fine), walk up to him with 
an awkward ‘hi’ [from me], 
an awkward look [from him], 
an awkward ‘here’ [from me], 
an awkward ‘thanks’ [from him], 
an awkward ‘yeah…’ [from me], and then i walk away without a second glance back.
follow up: i was laughing out loud to myself on the way to institute in the marb. i didn’t really expect anything, but it was fun and i didn’t feel that same lame regret i did from cafe rio. but about a half hour later i get a text from an unknown number that says
thanks haha. my name is [his name here]
reaction: whaaaaaat????? was not expecting that. was slightly freaking out. was at a loss at what to say. so the ever so cool and suave ahlin texts back
you’re welcome :) my name’s ahlin
should i have said more? probably. did he text back? nah. but it’s whatever.
it’s not over though.
i had to go back to the library to work on a paper and, lo and behold, he’s still there! that’s only slightly awkward… so i just do my studying and kind of ignore him, especially when he walks past me once or twice. i made sure to have like five encyclopedias right by me so he knew i had to be in that section, i couldn’t go anywhere else.
we didn’t talk. but it’s cool. now he has my number. and my name. and i’m pretty sure if you search just ‘ahlin’ on facebook, i am the only one who comes up who isn’t [fully] swedish and ahlin is there as a first name, not as a last name [ahlin is a swedish surname. cool parents].
and if somehow he finds this
hey. what up. call me.

thoughts? questions? comments? please.