that was close.

i almost went through today thinking it wasn’t anything special.
good thing i got corrected early.
i got up, got ready, ate breakfast, went to class. after i went to the university forum in the marriot center. i usually do homework instead but today was supposed to be important so i decided to go. i found sarah skidmore and james taylor and sat down with them. sarah asked me how my day was so far. it was ok, i said. wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. end conversation.
five minutes later.
it hit me.

how could i think that today was just an ok day? it was already amazing: i had a ‘smores poptart for breakfast (which i really really like, but those are the only kind). i found out today was free pancake day at ihop (which i will for sure be attending later). i had my one film classes (which i love) and i was going to my other one later. i saw my fhe partner, sean swenson, on campus. and last, but definitely not least, the reason i went to the forum today was because the guest speaker was cardinal francis george, who is the archbishop of chicago and president of the united states conference of catholic bishops, and in attendance were two apostles of the lds church, elder ballard and elder cook. i had just witnessed the awing silence as they all entered the arena. it’s always so powerful when that happens and i think i take it for granted. not very many people get this experience, to be in the presence of not one but two general authorities. i am so blessed to be here at byu.
no worries, i have lifted my head and looked for the great things that happened to me for the rest of the day. like seeing haskins and tylor and jen in the wilk. and getting a jamba for jamba tuesday. and i’m going to my ‘abs that rock!‘ class later which will be followed by a trip to ihop for my free(!) pancakes. so excited.
drinking my power peanut butter moo’d jamba in the wilk after intro to film.
i like this view.

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