things that made me happy today. or yesterday. i guess. technically.

  • seeing slash feeling the sun for two seconds when i walked to school this morning.
  • smelling the fabric softener my mom uses on my towel when i got out of the shower. thanks for doing my laundry when i visited momma!
  • looking hawt when i got out of the shower because i had to keep my make up in tact.
  • wearing these rockin’ kicks (yes. i just quoted miley. dont hate).
  • my awesome lunch which i actually made for myself today: a honey mustard, ham, and muenster cheese sandwich with apple slices on it, along with some parmesan and basil wheat thins. mmmmm.
  • zumba!!!
  • finding a really cute condo for next year. hopefully we can get it!
  • spending time with my [fhe] husband… and [fhe] family.
  • checking the blog my sister and i share and seeing she wrote on it! poor baby is sick though :(
  • laughing with my roommates
  • the fact that this was posted at 12:34. cooool.

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