two weekends. one post.

i havent written about my president’s day weekend yet. so i’ll do that now…
some people from my ward planned a zions national park hiking trip and since my hometown stomping ground is a half hour away i decided to join in the fun. gabriel and i went down friday night, met up with the others saturday morning, and then headed to zions. we hiked emerald pools and angels landing.
i’ve done angels landing before (exactly 4 years ago) so i thought i had it in the bag. holy crap was i wrong. the last part of the mountain aka the hardest part of the mountain aka the part of the mountain that has chains to hold on to so you don’t fall down to death still had a decent amount of snow on it but i was determined to get to the top again. let’s just say i may have seen my life flash before my eyes a few times and i’m glad i wasnt a pioneer.
afterward i did feel very accomplished though. even if my muscles had to pay for it for the next two… ok three days. i havent pushed myself that hard in a very long time and it felt goooood. more pics are here. it was so good to be home too. i love my family!

this weekend sarah, megan and i went to a concert. it was nik day, truman, and benton paul. it was so great! read more about it here.


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