father. happy birthday.

you are now twenty four. congratulations. you’ve made it this far and you still have so far to go. buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy yet fun, exciting ride full of surprising turns.

i remember when i was twenty four. i thought i had my whole life figured out. it was going to be perfect. lots of money, beautiful husband, beautiful children, beautiful car (ie the infiniti fx45. yes). but you know what happened?
life. life happened.
at first i was like, hey, cool, no really, that’s awesome, thank you for throwing me that curveball. but then i was like, you know what?

life is great. 
i have a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally. i’m smart. i’m not living out on the street. i’ve had great experiences. i’ve seen much of the world (not to mention about 99.99% of the united states). i have a macbook (which we all know is superior to the pc. i thank you eternally for giving me one). i can read. and i do it a lot. i’m not going to have any brain problems because i do sudoku all the time. i can still work out.
life is great.
so this is my oh so wise and learned counsel to you on your birthday:
be grateful.
remember you’re loved.
have faith in heavenly father.
only you can make you happy.
i love you dad!
of course, this picture is needed. we all look great.

2 thoughts on “father. happy birthday.

  1. Ahlin, I confess that I'm not sure I completely understand the premise of your post… but may I just say I think it's beautiful and touching! You have a lovely family!

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